Little Devil Inside - Gameplay ze State of Play

A very promising adventure game with open world and RPG elements The little devil is inside You just got some atmospheric gameplay straight from your current state of play. Lovers of long trips and adventure straight from Tolkienski The hobbit, i.e. back and forth They should be happy with it.

away from With stunning graphics, the material also tries to bring us closer to the most important gameplay elements of production. Unfortunately, The release date has not been revealed yetAlthough the creators confirm that the title will be released next year?? Only on PS4, PS5 and PC.

In the above-mentioned gameplay, the creators flaunt the design of an isometric map of the world, made using tilt-and-shift technology, Then we will be able to travel freely between certain locations. When we reach one of them, the camera will reach behind the hero’s back.

One of the biggest challenges for developers is the smooth transition from the real-time travel view to the gameplay. In addition to revealAnd Why is there no fast travel system in the game:

The game is not about leveling as fast as you can and running the game. through the activities contained therein.

Instead, its rhythm is designed to touch the player’s feelings, by giving him enough time and space to immerse the player. in its climate. Hence the lack of fast travel.

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