Dying Light 2 aims to offer an incredibly complex world and rich stories

Techland will be releasing another video from their Dying 2 Know series. The final part of the series focuses on the characters and the little details that light up the world death light 2 Charm. In this episode, players can learn more about the game’s post-apocalyptic scene and what life in the city is like.

Thomas Gerbod, responsible for the global project, asserts that the population is a product of the reality that surrounds them and presents a vision of humanity after a global catastrophe, chaos and the fall of a civilization. The developer will assure that thanks to this, the characters we encounter will be credible. Each website is full of details that will make it a virtual reality death light 2 It seemed more complex and real. It could be all kinds of notes, notes, graffiti, or conversations that we’ve heard.

The world the players will plunge into is about 15 years after the collapse of civilization. Thus, the residents got used to the reality that surrounds them. This is what people do to get used to everything. They don’t care about surviving anymore, they’re just trying to survive, they’re extreme people. Thomas Gerboud said that for example Raheem who would create a kind of analog dating app.

Much attention was paid to the Guardians of Peace, who would be the central part of the present world. They are skilled soldiers trying to impose order on the city streets. As we learned from the material, they chose an abandoned cargo ship called Macy’s as their headquarters.

leading Dying Light 2: Stay Human Scheduled for February 4, 2022. The game will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can also play it on your Nintendo Switch as part of a broadcast.

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