February 4, 2023


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Barcelona - Benfica.  Ronald Araujo hacked Kapostka.  strange injury.  LM

Barcelona – Benfica. Ronald Araujo hacked Kapostka. strange injury. LM

Barcelona’s defense increased the pressure several times, But she didn’t shake her net until the end. Araujo, who scored five out of five attempts, also took 84 percent of the match. pass efficiency. The Uruguayan bravely defended reaching the goal until the 86th minute when he decided to take his team ahead.

The defender used a perfect cross inside the penalty area to defeat Odysseus Flashodemos. Without repetition, it was impossible to see offside in this situation and Araujo made the same assumption, so he hurried to perform the ceremony. But the Spaniard severely exaggerated … and was injured. This may be related to cramps or a recurring groin injury that the player has been experiencing during the current season.

This situation immediately brings to mind Bartosz Kapustka, who left the field injured in July of this year after a midfield qualifier with Flora Tallinn. Colliding with the opponents’ net, the Legion showed the crowd a spontaneous celebration… and damaged the cruciate ligament. He still has several months of rehabilitation.

Araujo broke the pole because he sustained an injury after… an unacknowledged target. Thanks to technology support, the referees saw that the 22-year-old was offside in the previous situation, which eventually resulted in a free kick for Benfica. The Uruguayan not only lost a heavy blow, but also lost the opportunity to accompany his teammates in the crazy end of the match, and above all his health. Defensor did not return to the game after injury until early November. It lasted 21 days.

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