June 7, 2023


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"Dune 2": Christopher Walken as Emperor Saddam IV

“Dune 2”: Christopher Walken as Emperor Saddam IV

Christopher Walken joined the Hollywood constellation in the cast of the second installment of Dune. The Academy Award winner got the role of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV.

“Dune 2” – what do we know about the movie?

The premiere of the second part of “Dunes” is scheduled for October 20, 2023. Filming is scheduled to begin this summer. Denis Villeneuve will again be behind the camera, who also wrote the partnership script with Jon Spaihts.

The screen will reappear, among others Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreda aka Depp’s Promise), Zendaya (Chani), Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica), Josh Brolin (Journey Halleck), Stellan Skarsgård (Vladimir Harkonen), Dave Bautista (Gloso Rabanne) and Javier Bardem (Stillgar) ). Florence Poe will play the emperor’s eldest daughter, Princess Irulana Corino. Austin Butler will play Fed Rutha.

Emperor Walken plays Emperor Shadam IV Corino for the throne of the Galactic Empire. In the first “Dune”, the ruler gave the title of the planet a fief to the family of Atreides. Over time, it turned out that he was just part of a conspiracy to eliminate the aristocratic family.

What is “Dune” about?

“Dune” is an adaptation of the cult science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. The hero of the film is Prince Paul Atreda. This brilliant young man is destined for him with a wonderful fate that he himself cannot fathom. But first, Paul must go to the most dangerous planet in the universe to save his family and fellow citizens. A fierce struggle has broken out on the planet over access to the most valuable known materials that cannot be found anywhere else. Unleash people’s greatest potential. But only those who overcome their fears will survive the war.

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The show grossed more than $400 million worldwide. It also won 10 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

Christopher Walken: The most important roles

The 79-year-old is a Hollywood veteran who took his first steps in the show business in the 1960s. A great achievement in his career turned out to be his role in the war drama “The Deer Hunter”, for which he received an award from the American Film Academy. Other famous films starring the actor include: “Annie Hall”, “Dead Zone”, “Killer Scene”, “The King of New York”, “Batman Returns”, “Real Romance”, “Pulp Fiction”, “God’s Army”, “Knight” headless” and “Catch Me If You Can.” We recently saw him in the Separation series on Apple TV+.