HBO Max vs Netflix - Who Will Win?

HBO Max has been available in our country for two weeks. This is the time to summarize and compare – with both predecessor and competition.

HBO Max is already located in Poland. He’s trying to tempt us

HBO Max debuted in Poland and was quickly received warmly. It took a very good catalog of movies and series from HBO GO, achieved higher quality, and promised to deliver strong firsts quickly. The new Matrix and Dion added to hundreds of blockbuster films.

It also allows you to always watch hit series like Euforia, Sukcesja, Vampires: Heritage, Raised by Wolves, Young Sheldon, Billions, The Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, Dark Materials or The Walking Dead. But how does it really compare to its predecessor and its most important competitor? lets take alook …

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HBO Max vs HBO GO – What has changed?

HBO Max is a kind of HBO GO on steroids. It provides much higher image quality – Selected titles are even available in 4K resolution, and you can count on HDR. Yes, there are not many of these products yet, but this should change over time. Meanwhile, HBO GO never showed above Full HD.

The fact that movies and series can be watched in higher quality is one thing. The most important thing is that there are simply more and more diverse of them. To HBO GO’s extensive library There are Max Originals productions, movies from Sony Pictures and DC, and animations from Cartoon Network. Most of all Warner Bros. movie debuts guaranteed. Only 45 days after the first theatrical show.

HBO Max hubs

Due to differences in supply, services also differ in price. A monthly subscription to HBO GO costs PLN 25 and We will pay 5 zlotys more for HBO Max. … or 5 zlotys less – As long as the promotional offer is used. Existing subscribers and those who will join this group by the end of March will pay two nozzles to access the service for life (where ‘lifetime’ means: as long as they keep paying the subscription fee).

A new one also appeared with HBO Max New app for TV and mobile devices. It is clearer and runs much smoother than its predecessor. as it appeared Ability to create profiles, which facilitates account sharing By family members – everyone has their own history and tailored recommendations.

HBO Max app

Comparison: HBO GO vs HBO Max

Show: A comprehensive catalog of HBO movies, series and shows from abroad and abroad More from HBO GO (additional products from Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, and Max Originals)
Video Quality: SD (4800p) – FHD (1080p) SD (480p) – 4K (2160p), HDR selected content
Offline view: Yes Yes
number of devices: 3 3
Possibility to create profiles / share an account: not Yes (maximum 5 profiles)
price: 24.99 PLN per month PLN 29.99 per month (in promotion: PLN 19.99 per month)

Netflix vs HBO Max – Which VOD Service Is Better?

Comparing HBO Max with Netfliks is more problematic because the offerings here are actually different. You won’t find available titles on HBO Max on Netflix (and vice versa). Either way, the index is quite diverse, but if the numbers appeal to you more, the facts are it Netflix has a library of more than three times the movies and series.


The “problem” of Netflix is ​​that it has not one, but three packages to choose from. So the fight against Netflix vs HBO Max has to be broken down into smaller skirmishes and now let’s get to it:

In terms of price, it’s closer to HBO Max than the base Netflix package. For the same amount we get a less extensive catalog, but we can count on 4K quality (not just SD) and HDR, and we have the ability to watch content simultaneously on 3 devices, not just one.

Just Netflix Premium lets you watch 4K / HDR content (And there are more of them on HBO Max.) It also allows simultaneous viewing on up to 4 devices (so one more device than HBO Max). However, it loses in terms of price – it is a multiple of the cost: it costs PLN 60 per month.

Netflix TV

Additional benefits (such as the ability to create profiles or download content for offline viewing later) combine these two services. In turn, the last important difference is the application, which is that Netflix works on more devices (For example, it has an app for Panasonic TVs, and unlike HBO Max, it doesn’t discriminate against older devices.)

Comparison: HBO Max vs Netflix

HBO Max Netflix (Premium) Netflix (standard) Netflix (basic)
Show: Extensive catalog of movies, series and programs. About 1500 titles More comprehensive than HBO MAX’s video catalog. More than 5000 titles More comprehensive than HBO MAX’s video catalog. More than 5000 titles More comprehensive than HBO MAX’s video catalog. More than 5000 titles
Video Quality: SD (480p) – 4K (2160p), HDR selected content SD (480p) – 4K (2160p), HDR selected content SD (480p) – FHD (1080p) Standard Resolution (480p)
Offline view: Yes Yes Yes Yes
number of devices: 3 4 2 1
Possibility to create profiles / share an account: Yes (maximum 5 profiles) Yes (maximum 5 profiles) Yes (maximum 5 profiles) Yes (maximum 5 profiles)
price: PLN 29.99 per month (in promotion: PLN 19.99 per month) 60 PLN per month 43 PLN per month 29 PLN per month

Is it worth subscribing to HBO Max? It’s worth it, and it will be better

People who have used and were satisfied with HBO GO have no reason to give up on HBO Max. And do those who aren’t convinced by HBO GO have anything to look for in this company’s new service? It is definitely worth giving it a chance – especially since the improvement concerns both the catalog itself, as well as the quality of the video and the operation of the application.

HBO Max . screen

Moreover, everything indicates that over time HBO Max will spread its wings and it will be more interesting. Netflix has undoubtedly gained a serious competitor – much more serious than HBO GO.

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