Should Jack die from "Titanic"?  The director has the results of the study, which give an unambiguous answer

There is no need to convince anyone that “Titanic” is truly a cult movie. Evidence of this is the fact that, more than two decades after its premiere, fans of the production are still demanding justice for the main character. Movie. Suffice it to say that even while promoting the sequel to Avatar, which we had to wait 13 years for, James Cameron He still explains the killing decision he played Leonardo DiCaprio jack.

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Trailer to the movie “Avatar: The Creature of Water”

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Jack from Titanic had to die. This is confirmed by research

Sweetheart play Kate Winslet Has risen. Door. Unfortunately, he himself did not fit on the makeshift raft and died shortly before help arrived. This scene from the movie has been the subject of speculation for years, and many viewers remain convinced they could have successfully saved both. The director had already stated in 2019 in a BBC interview that the discussion on this topic is “stupid” and one might also wonder if Romeo might not have drunk the poison.

However, the fans were not convinced, so James Cameron, in order to once and for all end the speculation on this issue, conducted research with specialists. He reported this fact in an interview with the “Toronto Sun” during the promotion of the second part of “Avatar”. Tests have shown that only one person can survive.

We have undertaken the scientific research to end this issue and drive the stake into its heart once and for all. We did a forensic analysis with a hypothermia expert who recreated the raft from the video.

We asked two stuntmen of similar weight to Kate to participate [Winslet – red.] and Leo [DiCaprio – red.]We hooked them up to sensors and asked them to go into the ice water a few different ways to see if they could survive. The answer is that there is no chance of survival.

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exit he added Also, it was Jack who had to die. He explained that “Titanic” is a film about love, sacrifice and mortality, and that the relationship of the main characters is based on unconditional devotion to the other person.

If someone didn’t take James Cameron’s word for it, they would be able to see for themselves how the research was done. A documentary featuring the analysis described above is scheduled to be shown by National Geographic in February of next year.

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