The new representative will not be able to remove this label for a long time.  “shameless”
  • Rafael Semashko entered the House of Representatives from the Civic Alliance lists. The 37-year-old played 104 matches in the Ekstraklasa for Arka Gdynia
  • The former striker was particularly remembered for the goal he scored with his own hand. This goal gave the yellow-blue a valuable equalizer (1:1) against Roch Chorzo
  • Rafał Grodzicki, then Blues captain, remembers that match. – Perhaps the worst thing in all this was the fact that Simaszko himself did not hide the fact that he scored the goal with his own hand – he said in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet
  • You can find more interesting stories in Przegląd Sportowy Onet

It was the 36th (penultimate) round of the 2016/17 Extraklassa season. She fought to preserve, among other things, Arka Gdynia and Rukh Chorzo. The two teams met on May 27 in Tricity. The visitors took the lead in the fourth minute after Lucas Moneta’s goal. In the 23rd minute, the Yellows and Blues equalized after Rafael Semashko scored. The Gdynia striker passed goalkeeper Libor Hrdlicka, but shot the ball into the net with his hand and not his head.

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But Chorzów’s protests were in vain, and Tomas Musial, who was in charge of the match, allowed the goal to be scored. Let us remind you that at that time there was no VAR system in Ekstraklasa. Television replays left no doubt that Semashko’s goal should not have been counted. The match ended in a draw, which made Arca even happier. In the last round, Gdynia’s team won away to Zagobie Lubin (3:1) and secured its relegation. The movement called the elite.

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