Dressed as RENIFER, Weronika Rosati arranged her daughter's birthday weekend.  Were there many known friends?

Elizabeth Valentina Śmigielska She inherited her esteemed name from her mother’s actress Elizabeth Taylor. No one is surprised, then, that Veronica Rosati, in love with the golden age of Hollywood, does her best to make her daughter a prestigious and mundane lady with great sensitivity and extraordinary taste. Celebrities claim that Ela thought about fine art when she was two years old.

I love introducing my daughter to art – she loves going to museums, watching movie classics, and listening to Frank Sinatra. We both like Van Gogh’s Irises she said proudly Rosati In one of the interviews.

Robert Omegelsky’s ex-partner often asserts that her daughter is American and addresses her, mixing Polish and English. “I talk to my daughter like the Polish community abroad, saying, for example, “Ela, can you close that door?” – She said in her last conversation with Onet.

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Last weekend, Elizabeth celebrated her fourth birthday, and as you can imagine, her mother decided to lavishly celebrate the event. The girl did not have the usual party, but the whole “birthday holiday”. On the first day, her friend Alice hosted her son Katarzyna Zelenska. They also honored the party with their presence Magorzata sucha and st.Saint Nicholas. Razia, Ela posed for a photo with a man in a red outfit, and her mother praised the photo on Instagram, taking care to cover her daughter’s face.


The next day, Ella was eating cake with her grandmother, friends and mother dressed up rudolph the reindeer. Gluten-free snacks and pizza appeared on the table. Dressed in an elegant red dress (designed by Grandma!), the birthday girl played games and looked very happy. Unfortunately, liking Van Gogh’s Irises wasn’t in the Christmas plan…

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