Why wasn’t Furiosa a huge hit? Spoiler

I love Mad Max, so I get angry when I see Furiosa’s results. On the other hand, it’s not a surprise to me. Why?

I feel like I just watched an episode. Our new home“No, we will not renovate your hut,” Katarzyna Dobor says when she sees it. On the road to angerI fell in love with this movie. I love post-apocalyptic worlds that have a Steampunk vibe, and there are very few works of this type in cinemas. Just when I was about to give up hope for a sequel, the prequel was announced. It was supposed to be the story of Furiosa, one of the most ferocious characters I’ve ever seen. I was impatiently waiting for the next part, and in the meantime I started watching the previous films. I even wrote an article about number one. This made me fall in love with the vision even more jorja milera. I had the impression that this title was created out of passion and desire to create.

Before even angry Appeared on screen, the forecast was very optimistic. The Internet was buzzing with excitement. It’s no wonder that when I finally saw the long-awaited film, it was an extremely bittersweet experience. Because yes, it was great, but it seemed like it wasn’t enough to attract viewers to the cinema.

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What the hell happened? Extreme anger?

On the road to anger It was a huge hit, so it was natural to assume that viewers would want to go for another ride in the yard. It’s not a beloved franchise like Lord of the ringsSo fans did not boycott the production as happened with Power ringsEveryone seems to love what George Miller has been cooking up in recent years. People on social media have been eagerly writing and reading about the film. First reviews anger, even before its official premiere, was downright amazing. “George Miller continues to show everyone how to do it!” (John Nugent of Empire Magazine) “An astonishing achievement!” (Huay-Tran Boy from Inverse), “Amazing intro!” (CineXpress’s Vico Cangiano) – These are just a few excerpts. There were of course complaints, especially regarding the worse visuals and somewhat long plot. But it was clear from the reactions that this was a good film, and that its minor negatives were closer to a bitter point in the ocean of greatness.

However, when the production finally hit theaters, headlines about a major flop quickly began appearing on websites – grouchy crushed by some Sand dunesa GarfieldFor the fan I consider myself, it was a painful reality check. Especially after the screening, I was happy—I loved George Miller’s post-apocalyptic vision again. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. In fact. to fail Anger It’s not a technical failure, it’s a marketing failure..

The best (post-)apocalyptic films in history according to Ranker

Marvel budget, non-Marvel profits

To understand what went wrong, you have to look at the entire saga. Currently the first one Mad Max From 1979 it is considered a classic. Indeed, the film achieved success at the box office and even entered the Guinness Book of World Records, and its result was only surpassed by The Blair Witch Project From 1999. The problem is that the budget was really small, about 400,000 Australian dollars, less than 300,000 US dollars. Interesting facts on IMDb include information that most of the extras were paid for with beer. For comparison: budget Anger Estimated at $168 million. In such a situation, even with similar profits, there is not the slightest chance of achieving similar profits.

Maybe creators take media hype and success into consideration. On the road to angerI decided to create a scene on the scale of Marvel or Dunne. This of course meant that the film was produced on a much larger scale than the original trilogy, allowing us to see this wonderful universe in all its glory. Together angry It had to compete with great franchises known and loved around the world. And with all my love for Max MaxaThis universe has always had a crazy, but dedicated, audience. Waving the brand in front of viewers’ eyes won’t help here, and I get the impression that’s what almost all marketing looks like. Unfortunately, it’s not DC or Marvel — and even then, a popular universe isn’t enough to get people to the movies.

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If he loves you, he will wait. or not…

As I mentioned, On the road to anger It was successful and brought new viewers to the world. Mad Maxaincluding me. Unfortunately, the next film took nearly ten years to make, and in the meantime, almost nothing happened. New fans weren’t loyal enough to stick around at the time. They also didn’t have a particularly strong connection to the original trilogy, so they weren’t drawn to it with nostalgia. Even the introduction Poems of birds and snakes He had a problem with this, and the book series. Suzanne Collins (and subsequent films) is a more widespread franchise than Mad Max.

I love post-apocalyptic worlds, so I’m a fan of that too. He falls. When the series came out, I was happy. A lot of new fans suddenly discovered this brand. Amazon felt the right mood and almost immediately ordered the second season of the series, which you probably have to wait at least a year for. However, during this time, viewers will not be bored because they can recognize the games from the series or books. No wonder Fallout 76 It has seen a huge increase in the number of players because this way old and new fans can interact, have fun and explore this universe together. I’m not sure that without the games (which draw you in longer than the movies) and with a 9 year break between productions, anyone would have stayed in the fray.

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Why hasn’t Furiosa had much success?

angry So it was an ambitious and very expensive project, but several things were miscalculated. First, the fanbase for the series is dedicated, but relatively small compared to other franchises that produce productions with a similar budget. Second, it was thought that the good reviews transmitted via social media and reviews on pop culture sites would be enough to encourage new viewers to go to the cinema. Nothing could be further from the truth. The brand name and the name George Miller do not have the same clout as they are supposed to.

The topic of modern budgets is interesting in itself, because… wonders You mentioned that some of these films don’t have to be that expensive – they’ll probably pay for themselves. It’s not that no one goes to the movies to see these “financial flops,” but in the case of $168 million, you need crowds and packed houses for several weeks to be considered a success. I understand why the budget anger That was great. It’s a huge world, and George Miller wanted to show more locations than ever before. On the other hand, I am glad that he had the opportunity to undertake a project of this scale. But the part of me that knows it can tell compelling stories even without all the action scenes and amazing costumes and props is a little wary. Because this failure may mean that there will be no next order. And I would really like to see a new Mad Max. Or Furiosa. Or the story of that child we met in the second part, who was supposed to become a leader in the future. whatever.

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Post impressions Extreme anger

As I mentioned, I went to… grouchy To the cinema. And I had a wonderful time. Yes, sometimes the CGI showed through. And yes, there were some threads that, instead of tying the plot together, raised more questions, especially about Furiosa’s time growing up in Eternal Joe’s court. And yes, the ending could have been shortened a bit. This doesn’t change the fact that it was a wonderful trip without interference.

The moment when Furiosa and Jack are driving a truck and then have to fend off an attack is the best action scene in the entire series. Once again, George Miller has paid attention to details that will please and entertain – like a mannequin planted in the steering wheel or a carriage made of motorcycles! No one else, except perhaps the TV series Valotim, unable to create an equally colorful and strange world. Dementus may be the best role of your career Chris Hemsworthin reverse reference to Thor. Alila Brown is a must-see. In all the madness and shooting and fighting for precious fuel (I love the opening of the movie, it’s Mad Max in every detail and goes back to the roots – it’s not worth going back for the fallen comrades, but you have to get the fuel, because lack of fuel is worse than death) there is a place for love. So much so that I shed a tear during the screening. Furiosa and Jack are as close to me as Max and Jesse. George Miller has shown once again that he may have a bit of a romantic in him, as he is able to create beautiful and believable relationships on screen between two people in love.

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