Donald Trump can break the impasse over aid to Ukraine.  Loans are suggested

— We're looking at it now and thinking about doing it as a loan rather than a gift. “We're giving billions and billions of dollars in gifts and we'll take a look at that,” Trump said. The former president also expressed his expectations for Europe's participation, stressing that he would be “very angry” if Europe did not increase its contribution.

His statement came at a time when a certain faction of Republicans continues to block any action to support Ukraine. Trump defended Johnson despite threats to remove him from office by Marjorie Taylor Greene, a close Trump supporter, if the aid package for Ukraine is put to a vote.

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Commentators, including Bloomberg, interpreted Johnson's visit to Trump's property in Florida as an attempt to obtain a “shield” from the former president against far-right attacks and to pass aid to Ukraine. Johnson originally intended to deliver an alternative package to Ukraine based on loans this week, but did not keep his word due to opposition from some members of Congress from his own party.

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