Secret meeting worth £.  Talk about "the crisis the world is facing."  Ukraine did not mention world news

The general debate of the 77th Congregational Congregation began in New York on Tuesday (20 September). United Nations General. Many leaders will arrive late due to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral the day before. The discussion will be dominated, among other things, by the war in Ukraine. According to the announcement, the Russian “master of diplomacy”, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, will deliver his speech on Saturday (September 24).

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Colonel Dr. Kukayevich: It is not the economy, but what happens on the battlefield that will influence Putin’s decisions

Russia. Lavrov’s secret meeting with the diplomat

before, but Lavrov Speaking before an international body, the politician decided to organize a meeting in the Russian capital, which was held on Monday (September 19) behind closed doors. According to the Russian press release, the meeting “was devoted to the 77th session of the United Nations and was aimed at providing information on the position of the Russian Federation.” TASS Agency.

They were responding to the minister’s invitation, among other things, through the French ambassador, Pierre Levy, and the head of the Chinese diplomatic mission, Zhang Hanhui. Representatives of diplomatic missions from Finland, the Netherlands, Iran, Austria, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Norway, Greece, Venezuela, North Korea, Gabon, and diplomats from other countries accredited in Moscow, TASS reports.

The devices intercepted a conversation with a Russian soldier. “hate dump”

Lavrov: “There will certainly be accurate assessments of various activities”

And the Russian foreign minister warned that during the 77th session of the United Nations “there will certainly be harsh assessments of various actions.” “You can’t get away from it,” he noted. However, he did not explain the meaning of “various activities”.

He argued that the United Nations was not created for polemical disputes, but only to fulfill the assumptions of its charter, which calls for a common solution to international problems based on respect for the sovereign equality of nations. The island.

He was also supposed to say that “the situation on the international scene is not improving at all.” He concluded: “We note the accumulation of crisis processes, both related to economic policy and in the field of energy supply to mankind, as well as processes directly caused by the undermining of the foundations on which the entire globalization system was built.

The politician referred to “the crises facing the world”, focusing on the Caspian Sea region, but he did not once mention a “special military operation”, i.e. The war in UkraineLaunched by Russia on February 24.

The war in Ukraine (illustrative image)British intelligence on the factor ‘affecting the fragility of Russia’s plan’

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