Documentary with Daniel Radcliffe: Paralyzed Stuntman Returns to Accident on Harry Potter Set

Almost 15 years after the accident that turned his life upside down, a stuntman who was paralyzed while playing Harry Potter alongside actor Daniel Radcliffe will return to the events in a documentary with his co-star.

Titled “David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived” in reference to one of the iconic scenes from the last volume of the Harry Potter series, the documentary promises to tell the story of young stuntman David Holmes, Essex’s “extreme teenage gymnast”. In England, he was chosen to play Daniel Radcliffe’s understudy when he was 11, “The Independent” reported on Wednesday.

Over the course of 10 years, the young actor and his understudy share the role as they develop an “unbreakable bond,” until “a tragic accident on the set of the final film leaves David paralyzed with a debilitating spinal cord injury and turns his world upside down,” according to the documentary’s official synopsis.

The documentary will also feature “candid footage from the past decade, behind-the-scenes footage of Holmes’ stunt work, footage of his current life and intimate interviews with David, Radcliffe, their friends, family and former crew”. , according to British media, would have cited HBO for its role.

He has been campaigning for stuntmen to get their own recognition at the Oscars since 2020, and the actor has been running the podcast “Cunning Stunts” (“clever stunt” in French) since the same year. People by destroying waterfalls.

“When audiences see something really painful or scary, they think it’s a visual effect or that there’s a clever, safe way to do it. Often times that’s not the case. There’s no way to pretend, for example, falling down the stairs,” the star previously said. emphasized on the podcast.

The documentary will premiere on November 15.

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