Ta kuriozalna scena w „365 dni. Ten dzień” zszokowała fanów. „Czuję się zażenowana”

Movie last week 365 days. That day premiered on Netflix. Just like the premiere of the first part of the Blanka Lipińska thriller saga, the production is highly controversial. However, the continuation of Laura and Massimo’s story is very popular.

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According to many viewers, “365 days. This day” is full of more daring scenes than the previous one. Some even say there is no movie in the movie There is absolutely no conspiracy – There are only sex scenes in all kinds of locations and configurations. One of them shocked the audience exceptionally and it is difficult to disagree with them.

warning! Spoilers may be included in the rest of the text.

“365 days. This day.” This strange scene shocked the fans

It is about a scene shown at the beginning of the movie. In the 16th minute of production, Laura and Massimo go to golf lessonBut not to know who is the champion of this sport.

At one point, the heroine, played by Anna Maria Sikluca, is sitting at one of the holes with her legs spread wide. Moments later, Massimo directs the ball… You guessed it—into the crotch of his wife, who bows in palpable delight.

According to many viewers, this scene was very strange and they did not necessarily want to watch something like this.

The sight of the golf course was unnecessary. I feel embarrassed. As if I watch porn all the time.

I just finished watching 365 Days. This day.” Sex Scenes – 10/10. However, it was sexual all over. The golf scene was redundant.

The golf course scene in “365 Days. This Day”. what was that I laughed. It wasn’t sexy, it was awkward

– Netizens wrote on Twitter.

netflix picture

It was way too much for many viewers. Some decided session end At the sight of a golf ball rolling in the direction you know it.

“365 days. This day ”- it was very hot. I had to stop watching after Massimo put the ball in Laura’s crotch.

Have you seen “365 days. This day”? Do you share the opinions of netizens about this scene?

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