May 29, 2023


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“365 Days” stars Ana Maria Sicloca in the thriller “Compulsion.” Neil Marshall is behind the camera

The star of the session “365 days” by Ana Maria Sicloca He will play along Charlotte Kirk (“The Birth of Evil”) In a psychological thriller “coercion”. He will be behind the camera Neil Marshall, whose directorial portfolio includes Game of Thrones, Lineage, and Hellboy

Compulsion: What is the movie about?

Shooting begins next week in Malta. The cast also includes Zack McGowan (Uncommon Dracula), Giulia Goretti (Sopura), Cinzia Monreale, and Harvey Dean.

Marshall’s screenplay is inspired by classic erotic thrillers of the 80’s and 90’s – “Fatal Attraction”, “Basic Instinct” and “Subblocker”. The plot of “Compulsion” focuses on the dangerous relationship between a pair of women involved in a series of horrific murders in Malta.An innocent girl has A troubled past and a dark secret, Kirk’s character Diana is described as a brilliant and ruthless thief.

Anna Maria Sekloka: Polish megahit star

Sieklucka made her big screen debut in 2020 in the screen adaptation of Blanka Lipińska’s bestselling novel titled “365 days”. Despite the unfavorable reviews, the film turned out to be a box office hit in Polish cinemas – it was watched by more than a million viewers. However, the real madness about it started when it came out on Netflix. Erotic has been on the list of most viewed titles in over 90 countries. It also won the Golden Raspberry – an icon of the anti-garden film industry – for worst screenplay. In 2022, Netflix shows two sequels to the film: “Another 365 Days” and “365 Days: This Day.”

Kirk and Marshall are a married couple in both their professional and private lives. They have made movies like ‘Curse of Youth’, ‘The Birth of Evil’ and ‘The Duchess’

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Ana Maria Sicloca on the Filmweb podcast “My favorite movie”