Black box and cruise control assistant.  Changes from July

The July changes are the result of EU regulations, which zMandatory equipment for cars that are accepted into traffic in the European Union.

In order to gain approval, every car must have advanced electronic systems installed. We are talking here, for example, about ISA, that is, the intelligent speed assistant.

How does this system work? In short: it monitors the speed the driver is driving and can automatically reduce the speed, for example, in more advanced versions. Usually, however, it simply tells you that you are driving too fast. Auto Świat wrote more about this system a few months ago.

But this is not the end. Another mandatory regulation for new cars is the so-called black box. It is meant to function as a device installed in aircraft and records many items, For example, speed, use of the brakes, seat belts, and the operation of the airbag. All this so that in the event of an accident, the services can easily determine its causes.

The seats are getting stronger

Although 2022 has already brought about a significant increase in tariffs, there is another change waiting for us this fall.

According to changes in road regulations, new fines for returnees will come into effect on September 17 (the so-called double fines). In short, for a repeated offense within two years, the driver will pay double the fee.

As Auto Świat wrote, The legislator introduced new tickets at double prices in the case of the most serious crimes. They include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit (but note: by at least 31 km/h);
  • not giving way to pedestrians;
  • Improper overtaking
  • Or entering a Sui intersection after leaving the barriers or flashing a red light.

Changes may also apply to penalty points. It will not be “erased” until after two years, not after one, as is the case today. This period will not start from the moment the ticket is issued, but from the date it is paid. So it will pay off for payment as soon as possible.

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