Disney+ takes care of shared accounts and announces controls.  “Netflix is ​​the gold standard in streaming.”

Sharing accounts on popular streaming services was straightforward. In fact, Netflix encouraged it! However, this policy changed over time as companies began to focus more on increasing registrations and revenues.

CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney+ will begin cracking down on password sharing in some countries in June and more broadly in September. While the terms of service for Disney+ and other Disney streaming services specifically prohibit customers from impersonating another person using a username or password, they largely do not enforce their policies, she says. CNN.

Let us remind you that as of March 14, Disney+ and Hulu have begun to limit the frequency of sharing account login details outside of the home in the United States. It is defined similarly to Netflix, i.e. as your “main residence”, where a group of devices log into the platform.

“Netflix is ​​the gold standard in streaming,” Iger said in an interview. He added: “They've done a great job and taken a lot of different directions. I really have a lot of respect for what they've achieved. If only we could achieve what they did, it would be great.”

Despite concerns about a mass exodus of users from Netflix, nothing of the sort has happened. According to Antenna data, shortly after the restrictions went into effect in May last year, Netflix added 100,000 new accounts in the next two days. Netflix also recorded an increase of more than 100%. An increase in the number of registrations compared to the average of the previous 60 days – reports CNN.

Disney finally has a plan. What? He thinks he's smart

Disney has had a tough time lately – movie after movie has been a financial failure, activist investor Nelson Peltz is regularly questioning management, Elon Musk has taken action against them for pulling their advertising from X, and their subscriber count is unenviable. Then Bob Iger came out in white and declared revolution. But could this really be something that would change this slippery slope?

A similar push at Disney could help boost the streaming platform's profitability. Disney+ continues to lose money, even though the company says it expects to turn a profit soon. Will the fight against account sharing pay off this time? Time will tell.

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