Automatic registration in PPK again.  You don’t want to pay contributions, you have to file a declaration of resignation, but will it pay off?

People who do not wish to save for future retirement through employee capital plans must file a declaration of resignation from PPK every four years. The four-year period is approaching for the first groups of employees – those who announced their resignation from the program by March 2019, if they do not do so again, will become PPK participants from April and their employer will deduct their contributions for participation in the program.

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Employee capital plans are a voluntary program, so, even though all employees are automatically enrolled, it is possible to quit saving. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit a declaration of resignation from the PPK.

The full declaration of resignation from the PPK is submitted at the place of work – the employer is obliged to inform the relevant financial institution about this within 7 days from the date of submission of the declaration. The resignation becomes effective in the month of submission, and if contributions are collected in a given month, refundable.

The declaration of retirement savings from PPK is not final, which means that after 4 years, the user entity will start charging the relevant contributions again. The employer is obliged to inform the employee about this. It follows directly from this that if you do not wish to pay contributions to the employee capital plan, you must file a declaration of resignation from PPK every four years.

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