Disney Plus is amazing.  This anime is just right for everyone

There are likely to be opponents of such a statement, but there is a very similar belief in my bubbles about Disney Plus – The first show was really successful! We were given a very large catalog of different products, everything flashed as it should, and even the promotional emails were surprisingly well managed (considering the size and scope of the separation between them). In the long run, it’s really hard to find fault with anything here.

Of course, you can praise the technical aspects, great picture and sound quality, and simply smooth operation, but let’s agree – All of this would mean absolutely nothing without a great selection of movies and series. Content is the most important, and it is the one that allows you to appreciate other functions that make consuming content more enjoyable.

There has already been a lot of text (not only on our portal) regarding what we can watch on Disney Plus. There were the best movies, series not to be missed, STAR catalog items, etc. But in all this I have not found commands only related to animation – Preferably those that will appeal to every age group recipients. Well, that’s what we’re going to do today!

Spider-Man (1994)

Let’s start with a tube that is thick and at the same time as clear as possible. The 1994 Spider-Man made a real sensation on Fox Kids, and today – finally, after years of waiting – it’s available once again in full and completely legal form. Moreover, with Polish dubbing (Season 1 – we are waiting for the next season)! Owning a Disney Plus would be a crime not to check yourself!

X-Men (1992)

Staying for a moment in Marvel climates, it is also worth noting a group of mutants, which got a great cartoon back in 1992. And just like the aforementioned Spider-Man, here we also managed to reach the hearts of fans through Fox Kids. Excellent approach to this collection of heroes, great dialogues and exceptionally written characters of cult characters.

Phineas and Ferb (2007)

I know many older readers will probably disagree with me, but for me it is one of the best cartoons ever. Moreover, it is distinguished from others by the fact that over many years of emissions the level has practically not decreased. Each subsequent episode represents a true outpouring of the creators’ creativity, which they present through the ideas of two above-average smart brothers. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

Another item that is a bit newer, but should have been here. If you know the movie Guardians of the Galaxy by James Gunn, or at least the video game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the atmosphere of this business suits you, I am convinced that in this case it would be no different. Gorgeous cartoons with well-written characters should be a must on every Marvel fan’s list.

Wodogrzmoty Małe (2012)

How I love this nickname…and all the time I can’t take it off, it’s all over in just two seasons. This is one of those cases where the creators simply exhausted the equation and ended it up front (which, of course, hurts because you want more). Fascinating puzzles, a colossal world and tremendous chemistry between the characters created for the series. Check it out for yourself, regardless of age.

Owl House (2020)

The newest work on the list and a production I knew personally only when Disney Plus debuted in Poland. The two-season animated series (for now) focuses on the adventures of teenage Luz, who goes to another world, as she befriends a warlike demon and an extraordinary witch to confront the terrible evil that threatens the world together. It sounds normal, but it’s worth a try.


Chip and Dale: RR Brigade (1989)

How about this classic? If there is anyone who has never seen the adventures of the RR Brigade, please write in the comment. Personally, I get the impression that just about everyone has seen these parts. And this is a well-deserved recognition, because the series is used to entertain and educate entire generations of children. And those who grew up in the ’90s certainly know what we’re talking about. Finally we can catch up!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

You didn’t expect the Clone Wars to be missing here, did you? This is – in my humble opinion – the best animation from the Star Wars universe and simply one of the coolest works ever made in this universe. Although it has flaws, the overall picture, the number of characters it gives us and the amount of extra depth it provides is its biggest advantage. It is just worth knowing.

Duck Tales (1987)

Well… even if someone hasn’t seen The Adventures of Chip and Dale, there’s no one in the bank who hasn’t heard of Duck Tales! This is classic (on purpose in capital letters) and totally timeless. Seriously – she still defends herself with plot production and animation, and she’s already 35 years old. This is best proven by the fact that it is a perfect fit for everyone – no matter if you are older or younger than her.

Fantastic Four (1994)

Finally, there’s another cartoon based on the Marvel comics, and once again one that built in popularity during its broadcast on Fox Kids at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. The story of the Fantastic Four is a written work in terms of the original script, and I am convinced that many people could be encouraged to get to know Richards and his crew. If you haven’t seen one before – check it out now.

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