Gambit: This is what a Marvel superhero movie could look like.  Check out previously unpublished comics
Cartoonist Anthony Wynn has published on the Internet comics that he prepared a few years ago for the film adaptation of the comic book “Gambit” with Channing Tatum in the title role. The film was in an advanced stage of pre-production when 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) pulled out of producing it.

Gambit: This is what a Marvel superhero movie could look like

Why did Tatum want to play Gambit?

Earlier this year, Channing Tatum gave an interview to Variety magazine, in which he talked about how he made his directorial debut with Reid Carolin, titled “Dog.” Incidentally, he revealed how he and Caroline spent four years developing the “Gambit” show project. The actor has spoken out about his regrets about the “X-Men” spin-off never coming to fruition.

Tatum and Caroline were in the running to direct the maneuver. The studio didn’t really want us to direct itTatum said. They basically wanted anyone but us because we had never been behind a camera before. However, the actor admits he loved the script he wrote with Caroline so much that he was open to giving up directing the movie.

Tatum also revealed what drew him to the Gambit character: It has been described as “extravagant”. I won’t say that. It’s great for me. Everything works in his favour. Most superheroes have practical costumes, for example Batman has his belt. Maneuver, on the other hand, says, “No, man, these outfits are amazing! They were worn on the Paris runway last year.” She dresses crazy simply because she loves fashion.

The film was supposed to be held in a style somewhat reminiscent of “Deadpool”. We wanted to make a movie about superheroes as a romantic comedy. Our hypothesis was that the only thing more difficult than saving the world was maintaining a relationshipA star has been added.

How close is Manawwara to completion?

Caroline revealed how close she was to finishing: We had the cast, opened the production office, and we were on our way to New Orleans. But when Disney acquired Fox, Gambit became a victim of corporate restructuring. Disney took the X-Men away from Fox, and I think they need to reinvent the series.

Gambit’s demise was shocking to meTatum admits. I turned off my Marvel device, and I haven’t been able to watch any more of the studio’s films. I loved this character. I was just sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so close to playing with him.

Is there hope for the return of maneuver? I hope they change their mind because it’s a great projectsays Caroline. Tatum adds that he still loves the role: Sure, I still love to play Gambit. But I don’t think we should channel it anymore. It was arrogance on our part.

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