Discovery of the planet “Sapphire”.  This is the first world of its kind to be found in space

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HAT-P-7b is a massive gas giant located about 1,000 kilometers away. Light years from Earth, with truly extreme conditions, according to scientists who have closely examined this world. To their surprise, they discovered that it had its own weather, making it the first gas giant discovered outside the solar system to boast such a feature.

According to researchers, HAT-P-7b is a very inhospitable planet with very strong winds and is covered with a layer of unusual clouds. Extraordinary, because, as NASA reported, They are probably composed of corundum, the mineral which in its noble form forms the bedrock of rubies and rubies.

NASA adds that conditions on the planet mean it will probably never be colonized. In addition to powerful storms caused by strong winds, on the one side of the planet that is constantly facing its star, there is also a tremendous temperature of about 2.5 A. Celsius

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