Disable these features on your Android smartphone.  5 ways you can take care of your battery and extend the life of your phone

If your phone battery is running out very fast, then this definitely bothers you in modern life. However, we often have all the possible applications and functions running in the phone at once, so that the smartphone unnecessarily consumes valuable electricity, even when we don’t need it. Learn what to give up if you want to extend your battery life.


Battery in Android phones

Until now mobile phones They were only used by people to make calls and send short text messages called SMS. At that time, the cells were able to withstand about a week on a single charge, and there was no need to take the charger with you for 3-4 daily trips. Moreover, if someone really needs to use their device a lot, you can easily take an extra battery with you, which you can easily replace.

However, in response to consumer needs and technological progress, the market has begun to develop dynamically. Displays are getting hotter and larger, which results in more and more electricity being consumed. The components also took up more and more space, which made it impossible to replace the cells independently. The first touch screens in smartphones meant that mobile phones today have turned into almost complete computers. Today, through a mobile device, you can among other things:

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