Putin has at least three husbands?  The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence reveals: It can be seen in films and photos

For what purpose does Moscow need a little My husband Vladimir Putin? According to the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, these people Used to hide the loss of control in the Kremlin.

It is not known if the real Putin still exists. Putin was no fool in the past, and the war in Ukraine has no logic.
– says Budanov.

According to the head of HUR, the Ukrainian government was surprised by the disastrous strategy of the Russian invasion and Hence the assumption that Putin is no longer making major decisions.

Can you identify a Putin lookalike?

Budanov said that Putin has used doubles in the pastWhich he replaced on “special occasions” but that’s “normal practice” now.

We know for sure about the three who will replace him, but we don’t know exactly how many. They all had plastic surgery to look the same. It betrays their height – you can see it in videos and photos – as well as the gestures, body language and earlobes that are unique to each person.
– confirmed. HUR chief.

General Budanov refused to speculate whether Putin had disappeared due to illness or a power struggle.

Ukrainian counterattack

He added that the Kremlin was running out of maneuvering missiles, and assessed that if Ukraine retakes Kherson, this could have serious consequences for the Russian system.

The Daily Mail reported that in July a high-ranking Ukrainian intelligence official claimed that Putin may have sent a vulnerability to visit Iran.

The British newspaper’s editorial office states that General Kericho Budanov is a figure who “got under the skin of the Russians”. Ukrainian media reported that in 2019 he was the target of an attempted attack. Last week, a prominent Russian analyst praised Budanov’s effectiveness and called for his exclusion, the newspaper said.

Yes, they officially called me Public Enemy #1.
– HUR’s head admitted.

Budanov said it was safe The restoration of the Crimea by Ukraine For a “personal” assignment, he spent the summer in Sevastopol as a child. He misunderstood those who said Ukraine should not provoke Russia for fear of escalating the war – and according to some commentators, an attempt to retake the peninsula could do so, according to the Daily Mail.

Nuclear weapons are not weapons – they are a deterrent. Russia knows very well that it cannot use it.
– said Kerio Budanov when asked about the possibility of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.

Source: Niezalezna.pl, PAP

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