Pierre Houde pays tribute to his brother Paul during Tout le monde en parole

“Bargaining is the common thread between the two of us. »

This is how Pierre Houde described the relationship between himself and his brother Paul while appearing on ICI Télé's Tout le monde en parole program on Sunday evening.

Paul Haut, a true icon of communication with encyclopedic knowledge, died last Saturday at 5:30am.

Pierre Haut gave details of his brother's condition, saying that he had had a “massive mass on the brain” for some time. Not knowing whether the mass in Paul's brain was cancerous, Pierre revealed that his brother had suffered a series of falls, which led to him accessing health services to undergo surgery to reduce the size.

Guy A. “The operation was a success,” admitted Pierre Haut into Lepage's microphone. His surgeon was a brilliant man, who by his own admission achieved a nine-thirty-hour masterpiece. As you can imagine it was a nine and a half hour operation. Imagine, you have someone's life in your hands. He was convinced that he had achieved a masterpiece. »

Pierre Haut admits that he has grown closer to his older brother in recent years, although their professional paths have evolved in parallel.

“What's a bit unfortunate is that Paul and I have always wanted to leave the ground to everyone. For 35 years I've had my niche at RDS and Paul has had his niche in radio. The meaning of life is that over the years, we've become very close. Recently, we've been separated for three years as twins. It's our dream to work together in the years to come, unfortunately, that's not going to happen,” said Pierre sadly.

Pierre was accompanied by Marc Labreche, Jean-Philippe Vauthier and Thérèse Parisien to pay tribute to Paul Haut.

Despite the grief, Pierre Hout stayed true to his coverage of the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season on our airwaves a few hours later.

“Brother, do the Bahrain Grand Prix. “If it had been the other way around, I would have wanted Paul to do his live shows as well. »

Pierre also took the time to thank the Formula 1 production team at RTS for helping him through this difficult time.

“I had a real director, I had a second that spoke in my ears,” began Pierre Haut with an emotional smile.

Paul Haut worked in the media industry for 48 years. He made his last radio appearance last December.

In cultural, sporting and political circles, Paul Haut's contribution to Quebec society has been lauded from all quarters.

“On behalf of all members of the RDS family, I would like to express our deepest condolences to Paul Haut's family, especially his brother Pierre and his son Karl, but also to all his friends and work colleagues,” Charles said. General Director of RDS Perrault on Sunday.

“Canadians are saddened to learn of the death of Paul Haut and wish to express their deepest condolences to his family, especially his brother Pierre. Above all, as a man of exceptional quality, Paul was a monument to the media world in Quebec. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult trial, Pierre,” the Montreal Canadiens organization announced.

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