Denis Villeneuve made a fan's dream come true.  He organized a unique screening of the film “Dune: Part 2”
Denis Villeneuve fulfilled a dying fan's dream. When he learned that before he died he would like to see his final film, the sci-fi show Dune: Part 2, he organized a private screening.

Denis Villeneuve fulfilled a dying fan's dream

The Canadian portal Global News reported the touching story. Its hero is a patient residing in a palliative care unit in Quebec. His guardian posted on social media, writing that the man dreamed of watching the movie “Dune: Part Two” before he died. A few hours later, Villeneuve's employees called him. Initially, they offered him an invitation to the premiere in Montreal, but unfortunately the man's condition prevented him from traveling. So, the assistant director came to the facility with his personal laptop and organized a private screening of the film before the premiere. The man died only a few days later.

Donna on the podcast I have some comments

We remind you of the podcast episodes I have some comments in which Julia Tacznowska and Jakub Bubilecki talk about “Dune”:

What is “Dune: Part 2” about? Watch the trailer

“Dune: Part Two” follows Paul Atreides' impressive journey as he forms an alliance with the Chani and the Fremen. Meanwhile, he goes on the warpath, burning with a desire for revenge against the conspirators who led to his family's downfall. Faced with a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, Paul wants to prevent a dystopian future that only he can predict.

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