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Monika Luft and Krzysztof Dużyński: From Friends to Couples. Their love was born into action

She started as an actress, and later realized that she wanted to connect her future with journalism. Then she tried her hand at politics. When she worked at TVP, she was already married to Krzysztof Luft. Their relationship seemed perfect, but the audience’s favorite realized that with Krzysztof Dużyński she felt like the happiest woman in the world. Their feeling was born into action… Get to know their story.

Monica Luft and Krzysztof Dużyński – Love Story

Monica Luft’s first husband was Krzysztof Luft. Soon after graduation, they decided to get married. Over time, the couple had a son, Philip. Unfortunately, their love did not stand the test of time, but the presenter still uses his name.

Currently, Monica Luft is married to Krzysztof Dużyński. The lovers met on the set of the program “Coffee or Tea?” , They were the hosts at the time, however, their feelings were born for a long time, and they didn’t immediately catch each other’s attention. The first sparks of love appeared in one of the meetings outside the studio of the famous program.

Soon after, a deep feeling arose between the two reporters. We very slowly moved from friendship and mutual trust to growing closeness […] There was no talk of seduction in the style of “skin, car and cell”, because such things do not impress me […] When you live together, marriage makes a lot of things easier. It was a common sense decision. However, it was very emotional,” said the viewer favorite.

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The journalist also liked the fact that Monica has many interests. “Once I met Monica in a movie from Taiwan. She piqued my interest. W. said Expensive. “I was also fascinated by meeting Krzysztof. Nobody came to this movie. We knew each other, but at work we talked about work. Then we started to trust each other. We didn’t make a decision to be together, we just started living together,” she added.

They got married in 2004. However, it was a modest ceremony, as only witnesses of the two lovers were present. They don’t wear wedding rings and rarely talk about their feelings. “We don’t start every conversation by saying we’re getting married […] We got married for ourselves, not for the guests.” they say.

Today, they live a quiet life on their own terms. They also love to spend time together. “I love watching Monica walking around the house with a cat on her shoulder. And I still enjoy the moments when we work together. We have a shared desk. Monica sits on one side and I’m on the other,” we read in the same magazine. “When I go to Mariulik’s store in the morning to get On newspapers and on fresh bread. How we make breakfast. How we sit at the table together. We like these moments so much but we can scarcely bear them.” We try not to give in to problems. We don’t have to go to the Caribbean to be happy. We can spend time in our garden just as nicely,” confirmed Monica Luft.

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Do they differ? Yes, but they can come to a consensus. “I used to believe that when traveling around the world, one should first of all make contact with people, walk the streets and enjoy the atmosphere of cafés. I believed that people, not monuments, make a place. For Krzyś, there are only museums and a hotel. She was The first trip together was a shock for me. When I tried to take him somewhere in the evening, he tapped his forehead. Desperately, I asked him: “How do you not know that we are in Lisbon? What does this mean?”. I am now aware of the fact that I am doomed to stay in a hotel in the evening and leaf through the catalogs of paintings I saw at noon. Over the past few years I have completed a crash course in art knowledge. And I confess that I thirst for communication with people … “.

Outside of work, they take care of Arabian cats and horses. Where did this idea come from? “With a great intuition, we became interested in this topic a few years ago. We are running a thematic portal. Monica is a great editor, maybe we should include the magazine. We did it before it was fashionable. Thanks to that, I was able to be present in the Middle East in places not Tourists usually go there, his wife added.

They also like to travel together or meet friends. “Last year we had a great holiday. It lasted 24 hours. We were visiting friends in Masuria. said Krzysztof Duginsky in 2004 in an interview with Expensive.

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Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky, Cannes Film Festival 2004

Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky

picture. Majewski/AKPA

Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky, premiere of “Testosterone” at Multikino, 2007

Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky

picture. Kurnikowski/AKPA

What is Krzysztof Luft doing today?

And how did the fate of Krzysztof Luft end? He hasn’t found his other half yet. “Maybe I’m a lonely long-distance runner? Although I realize now, after the illness, how hard it is to cope without someone else,” he said in 2010. Expensive.

Remember, he has prostate cancer. At that time, he could count on the support of his family and his son Philip. Fortunately, he won the battle against the insidious disease. “Philip sat with me in the Świętokrzyskie oncology center for two weeks. He rented a room near Kielce and was with me all day. I have a wonderful son … ”, he added in the same conversation.

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Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duszynski, Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2005;

Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky

picture. Ward/AKPA

Monica Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky, promotion of Monica Luft’s book – “The Argentine Regime”, 2006

Monika Luft, Krzysztof Duginsky

picture. Prończyk/AKPA