Death Stranding 2 debuts?  Kojima showed the joke and the players have no doubts: "It's definitely Norman Reedus"

Hideo Kojima loves to thrill his fans and the latest image posted by the developer has once again caught the players’ attention. The creator provided a scene from work on a possible new title and some interested people believe the Japanese showed Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima mentioned last year working on a new title, and in the meantime Norman Reedus mentioned that he could appear in Death Stranding 2. Production was never announced, but the Japanese confirmed earlier this month I had to do a major redesign.

today though Hideo Kojima posted a new photo that comes from a photo studio – in such a place employees can carefully scan an actor’s body or an object and then put it in the game.

“Recently, I’ve been changing the plan and scenario and trying everything else.”

However, players soon noticed that the man in the lead could be Norman Reedus – although Hideo Kojima actually took the photo in a way that doesn’t show much and we can treat it as another teaser posted by the creator.

“Now I also realize that the person walking in a white shirt might also be Norman Reedus.”

It must be Norman Reedus.

It’s hard to say what Hideo Kojima is up to, but as you can see, the developer is still keen to play with its fans by throwing out similar pictures of them. Anything that interests a wide audience.

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