Maradona's death did not change much.  Scandals and scandals have arisen.  Football "Diego is still alive"

A year ago, Argentina burst into tears. Old and young cried. everybody. Some cry to this day, like an Argentine president leggyWhich, at the mention of the father. Maradona He collapsed in front of the cameras and could not speak. He did not know Maradona personally. The footballer who was a symbol of Argentina’s good and bad died.

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Maradona, Hamsik, and one day Zieliński? “May it become a symbol of Naples” [REPORTAŻ]

He gave her the World Championship title in 1986. In second place after the one she won in her stadiums in 1978, which Argentina does not like very much, because it was a victory for the military junta that ruled the country at that time. Argentina love the World Cup in Mexico where Maradona stole hearts and led the team to the cup on his terms. Singing vulgar songs with friends in the locker room about journalists who did not believe in the team, nodding their heads to five Englishmen at one event, scoring a goal with one hand in the other. To the English who humiliated Argentina not long ago in the Falklands War. The country was defeated in a crisis, and he and his team gave people moments of happiness. Argentina never forgot him.

God’s Invisible Hand. Fans think Diego Maradona saved his team [WIDEO]

Even if he later embarrassed her with his behavior several times, he sometimes made a joke of her. They could have worked with him Argentinians Ashamed, but they never denied it. When he was touring Argentine cities on his last job as coach for Gymnasia La Plata, crowds gathered in front of the hotels to sing and beg him to come out for at least a moment. They saw in him features that they would like to see in themselves. As long as he was on the field, they would pray to him in difficult times, and then had to pray for him several times.

The main character disappeared a year ago, but not much has changed

A year has passed since his death, and Argentines continue to sit in front of Maradona as if they were on a TV series. The main character is no longer shown on the screen, but the temperature does not drop. There are scandals – a few days ago, Mavis Alvarez, a 36-year-old Cuban, said that 20 years ago she met Maradona in rehab with Fidel Castro and raped her by a football player.

There are also incredible stories, such as the one about ultras from Gymnasia who plot to break into and steal the heart out of Diego’s body. Their plan was discovered in time, but even if they got to Maradona, they would not find a heart. Dr. Nelson Castro, who wrote the book “Diego’s Health: The True Story”, revealed that the footballer was buried without leaving a heart for examination to determine the cause of death. By the way, he hinted that he was huge and weighed up to half a kilo, which is at least 200 grams more than the heart of an ordinary man. You can add a romantic story about Diego with a big heart, but it is better to warn about the failure that he has been working on for years of drinking and drugs.

There are also arguments and a lot of noise. Maradona’s immediate family and former agent Matias Morla have been sentenced for their rights to portray Maradona’s image. Morla says his daughters put him to certain death. They answer that Morla is a deceitful and greedy man. The case continues and the audience applauds. Doctors who have dealt with Maradona in recent years are also awaiting verdict. A neurosurgeon, a psychiatrist, a pediatrician and four nurses face a prison sentence of 8 to 25 years for negligence and lack of diligence in patient care, which led to his death. Sometimes they had to forget about the pills, and sometimes they offered him alcohol in the morning to make him calmer during the day.

The son of Diego Maradona is pleased with the Polish actor. The son of Diego Maradona is pleased with the Polish actor. “He is a complete footballer”

false alarm. Diego Maradona underwent brain surgery three weeks before his death

But most of all, it was Maradona himself who for years treated death as a field contender: he lunged at him and bobbed at the last moment. His obituaries have appeared regularly over the past 20 years. Already in 2000, the TV show “Kronica” interrupted the program and for three minutes offered information about his death, and after a few years it was so bad with him that he managed to receive the last rites. In 2018, there were also rumors of his death. But he himself denied it after a few hours, shouting to reporters: “I’m alive, son of a bitch!”. Last year, just three days after his 60th birthday and just over 20 days before his death, his life was in danger once again. This was not surprising to their friends, because they had long suspected his depression: he did not want to eat, and could not stop drinking. Wash the sedative tablets with alcohol. The fans were also not surprised, because when Maradona appeared on his birthday at the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata stadium, he was pale, sluggish and even slower than usual. His assistants led him to the training bench. He walked as if his knees were broken and his knees were made of mud feet“- reported one of the newspapers.

Protests in Buenos Aires after the death of Diego MaradonaThousands of people and Maradona’s family on the streets of Buenos Aires. “He didn’t die”

The next day, he was taken to the hospital in La Plata, aged 60 kilometers I like Buenos Aires. Anemia, Corona virus, dehydration and exhaustion, another heart attack, stroke – journalists shot. The fans were on their way to the hospital. The first to appear at the door, right behind the ambulance, after a few hours the crowd was hundreds of people. Some of them hold banners, others hold rosaries, staring out of the room’s window.

Maradona suffered the most serious brain injury, usually from severe trauma or from years of drinking. Diego has denied hitting himself recently.

Leopoldo Luc, Diego’s doctor, said: – The operation took more than an hour and went on without any complications. Then the hero today is one of those accused of contributing to his death. Finishing his sentence, he turned to the automatic doors of Olivus’ clinic, not believing it. The crowd chanted his name, and the applause was so loud that he felt a chill down his spine. He dreamed of such a moment as a child. He remembers watching matches with his parents, who calmed him down when he was losing his mind: “Don’t be upset, we’ll win anyway, because we have Maradona.” He grew up in his sect and wanted to play like him, be the hero of the crowds, but he soon realized that he did not have enough talent. He gave up his dreams of great fame and became a neurosurgeon. Four years ago he received a phone call that changed everything. “Diego can’t sleep, will you help him?” The next night he did not sleep one night, and for four years he was Maradona’s doctor.

After a moment, Loki turned to face the people, smiled sweetly, and waved. They shouted louder. Some rosaries are pressurized, others carry signs – “Silence.. God is sleeping.” Earlier, he told reporters how the operation went, not expecting to be interrupted in the middle by asking if Diego had cut the hematoma from his brain “in the hands of God”. There was madness everywhere: he had never seen so many cameras and so many people in front of the hospital. They sang, danced, drank, cried and knelt. Diego’s fame passed to him: with the benefit of the stock. People fell in love with him, started treating him like a national hero, and had more followers on Instagram, but gossip sites also showed his wife and children, with reporters putting the spell under his helmet as he rode his motorbike away from the hospital. One newspaper also published a story years ago in which he was accused of killing a man during a New Year’s quarrel. The court acquitted him, but now he must confess in public. Finally, the clinic door opened and Luque disappeared.

The worst thing was in front of him: Diego had not yet woken up. Excessively sweaty, shaky, angry. He didn’t want to stay in the clinic anymore. He demanded his release at home, but the doctors agreed that after weeks of convincing him, they were finally able to get him to a hospital bed, and had to hold him for as long as possible. Steer clear of alcohol is said to have jumped off cocaine in recent years. Only here they control it. But he was dreaming of a big birthday party, not celebrating his sixtieth in the hospital room. His followers took to the streets of Buenos Aires, sang Hundred Years, drank his health, waved flags and balloons “60”, on Avenida 9 de Gulho, a majestic road that crosses the center of Buenos Aires, another large mural of which was painted . There can be. In seclusion, he drank more bottles of alcohol, swallowed painkillers, took sedative powders, ate whatever he wanted, and eventually stopped completely.

With Diego, nothing is easy. Now that he’s seen me, he wants to kill me. He’s the hardest patient I’ve ever had, but I think he wants treatment. He is mentally bad, he should stop drinking. Diego suffers from liver problems, cardiovascular problems, and neurological problems. Peace needs. His brain was operated on, but there is also his stomach and heart … – the 39-year-old doctor enumerated to reporters.

Diego Maradona – the example of Argentina

They did not succeed in working on their hearts. Stopped on November 25, Maradona never really figured out what peace is. He was never alone. He debuted in his teens and was immediately the best. The people treated him as a gift from the gods to all of them. The slum boy has become an idol of the filthy poor and rich. At the age of 15, he was already supporting his family. He was doing his best in the spotlight. He liked to be loved. But over time, love overwhelmed him. He was slapped in the back so often that after years he had phobias and reacted angrily to the touch of strangers.

He was an example for Argentina – with all the mystery and life in between. For each of his great successes there was a drug accident. For every good goal, at least one scandal. In Naples, he liked fans and the Camorra on his back. He played from Sunday to Wednesday, and the next two days he recovered to be happy again on Saturday. He shot journalists with an air pistol, and his countrymen called the church his name anyway. nurse z Naples She supposedly stole a test tube with his blood and took it to the church instead of the lab. Only Maradona managed in one match to score the goal of the century and perform the trick of the century, as happened with England in 1986. Cunning, the joy of defeating opponents, and doubt of strength are the national features of Argentines. Maradona’s character.

Bangladesh is fond of football“We have become Argentina and Brazil.” Silly pictures from the capital of Bangladesh. Where does this madness come from?

– His life is a beautiful dream and a nightmare at the same time – fitness coach Fernando Signorini summed up years ago. “Maradona thinks he is God and that’s one of the reasons for his problems,” said Hector Pezzella, director of the Gomez Clinic in Buenos Aires, who treated Diego a few years ago. In the country, everyone had an opinion about it: love it or hate it. But even when he hated, he was grateful for something. And he definitely wanted to know how he was doing. And he wants to know to this day.

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