Patients with gynecological tumors will die of COVID-19 due to late diagnosis

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According to the National Cancer Registry, approximately 170,000 people are diagnosed in Poland each year. new cancer cases. About 100,000 of them die, more than 45,000 patients. Women. As a result of this epidemic, cancer detection has decreased dramatically. From March to May 2020, nearly 50 percent were detected. Fewer cancers compared to 2019

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Corona virus has made cancer prevention more difficult

In the first months Epidemic The number of preventive visits decreased, translating into a later diagnosis. Treatment in the later stages is less effective, and at the same time more expensive ”- said the President of the Polish Society of Gynecological Oncology, Professor Włodzimierz Sawicki.

As emphasized by Professor Jan Kotarski, Head of the Department I and Clinic of Oncology and Gynecology at Lublin Medical University, poor outcomes in detecting cancer are problems not only for Polish patients.

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Tumors are increasingly diagnosed later

“Estimated from United States of America He showed that delays in screening programs would increase the cancer death rate by about 1%, and that the consequences of the shutdown would be felt for up to 10 years. A large group of people will die only because of the delay in diagnosis ”- said Professor Kotarsky.

He added that the epidemic also had an impact on the method of treatment, as fewer surgeries were performed, as many wards were allocated to COVID-19 patients.

The most common gynecological tumor is carcinoma of the endometrium (endometrium). It is the sixth most common type of cancer in the world, and the fourth in highly developed countries.

In the foreground, Adam Nidzelsky, Minister of Health.Adam Nidzelsky talks about the worst case scenario

“In Poland, there are about 6000 new cases of cancer every year, which means that every day 16 women find out that they have this type of cancer” – said Professor Sawicki and added that the prognosis is usually good, because most often illness It is diagnosed in the early stages.

The chance of life for many women is improved early diagnosis and effective methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

“In the treatment of gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer, changes for the better have been seen in recent years,” Professor Soeki said, adding that the difference in Results Treatment of patients in Poland, compared to Western patients, is large and a lot of work is needed to eradicate it (PAP)

Author: Agnieszka Gorczyca


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