Prices in stores are rising again.  One category in particular

According to the report titled “Retail Store Price Index” was carried out periodically for approximately 7 years by UCE Research and WSB Merito Universities, in May this year. Everyday purchases became more expensive on average by 2.9%. RDR. This is a greater increase than recorded in April – At 2.4 percent RDR. For comparison, in March of this year the prices of the most purchased products rose by 2.1% year on year.

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The three-month results indicate a change in trend – from deceleration to acceleration of price growth in retail stores. There are many reasons for this situation. On the one hand, there is a rise in production costs and wages, and on the other hand – disruptions in supply chains and seasonal fluctuations. Unfavorable forecasts are also important. When the market believes that the costs of doing business will continue to increase, sellers may raise prices to protect themselves from an increase, comments Dr. Joanna Whybrow from WSB Merito University.

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