Polina Gazka: star of the comedy “In your place”, the heroine of the podcast “My favorite movie”.  See interview

Polina Gazka in the “My Favorite Movie” podcast

You can watch the podcast:

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The podcast’s tagline is: Tell me what your favorite movie is and I’ll know who you are. Muszyński discusses with invited guests about the things that stir their greatest passions in cinema. Conversation about cinema becomes a starting point for talking about life. Because art and life like to intertwine.

podcast”my favorite film“You can listen, among other things SpotifyAnd Apple PodcastAnd Google PodcastAnd disciplineAnd pocket throws And Public Radio.

Here are some past episodes of the My Favorite Movie podcast:

1. Aleksandra Konieczna on “Intimacy,” “Peaky Blinders,” and Anger at Poland
2. Anna Nehrebecka: And what about this representation, what about this Poland?
3. Łukasz Orbitowski: It all started with the Bavarian erotic comedy4. Michal Czernicki: There’s a Forrest Gump in all of us
5. Piotr Adamczyk: I go to the cinema to have an experience
6. Robert Makovich: In cinema, I’m interested in the unpopular
7. Jan Holobek: What are the director’s hours for “Welka Wooda” and “Rogest”?
8. Małgorzata Kożuchowska: Mother of God, Today’s Zołza
9. Joanna Kulig: Are you going to play a Lars von Trier movie?
10. Monica Brodka: How do you approach death?

Trailer for the movie “In Your Place”

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