October 6, 2022


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“The Road to Atlantis” at the bottom of the ocean. Amazing discovery

The crew of the exploration ship Nautilus on a recent expedition discovered part of a paved road at the bottom of the ocean. During the discovery video, scientists described it as a route to Atlantis, among other things.

Scientists have made a very exciting discovery. While exploring the Papahānaumokuākea National Marine Monument in the Pacific Ocean, they discover what at first glance looks like a paved road that, for some reason, now lies at the bottom of the ocean.

The crew of the naval exploration ship Nautilus reacted strongly to this discovery. During the recording of the exploration of the ocean floor, phrases such as “yellow brick road” and “sensual road to Atlantis” were issued. The scientists were excited, which can be seen in the joint video.

As we read in Services cnet.com, a Nautilus crew member in April, studied the geology of underwater volcanic mountain systems. The formation of a “dry lake bed” is observed at the top of the Nootka submarine.

It is now known that they are fractured hyalocliteal rocks, that is, they were formed as a result of a powerful eruption, through which numerous fragments of rocks were deposited on the sea floor. The brick patterns dubbed “The Road to Atlantis” may have come from heating and cooling cycles associated with volcanic eruptions. volcanoes.

The exploration ship Nautilus missions are funded by the Ocean Exploration Trust. Thanks to him, the search results are also broadcast live, so that everyone can see the remote-controlled devices to explore the water tanks that can be monitored underwater.