David Tumala lost due to heat, Matteo Stano was the world champion

Katarzyna Zdziebło in Eugene won the silver medal twice, today one of the Poles would like to do the same. Brzozowski has already defeated the Olympic champion – in May, during the Polish championship, he overtook Tomala by more than a minute.

Daisuke Matsunaga started the race hard, and immediately decided to run away and clearly leave the rest of the field behind. After five kilometers, both Poles remained in the first pursuit group.

Over the next few kilometers, the Poles lost some distance from the group chasing Matsunaga, and Artur Brzozowski was punished with a warning of incorrect gait style.

Our competitors moved on the road together, keeping in mind each other’s pace. After less than 1/3 of the distance, Brzozowski was 11th, and Tomala was three places lower.

Brzozowski lost his chances of getting a good position around the middle of the distance. The Pole received a third reprimand, this time for failing to straighten his leg at the knee joint, which meant a forced stop in the penalty area for 2.5 minutes. On the other hand, Tomala stayed about 10 seconds from the chase group battling for the medals.

Moments later, today’s competition with Brzozowski ended. Our infantry tried to make up for lost time at least to a small extent, and this resulted in a fourth reprimand and withdrawal from the road.

In the second part of the distance, the crisis occurred with David Tomala, who clearly lost his strength and fell into the third ten zone. The pursuit group, in turn, approached Matsunaga with each kilometer and eventually absorbed it, entering the medal-determining stage of the race.

In the end, he explained the team competing for medals: Pintado, Stano, Kwano, Carlstrom and Hei, who clearly jumped the rest and dominated the entire race.

Much emotion was brought on at the end, as Matteo Stano and Masatura Kawano fought for gold, leaving Perseus Karlstrom behind. The two fought each other until the start of the last lap, when the Italians decided to attack. which the opponent could not respond to. In doing so, Stano became the first world champion in history for a distance of 35 km.

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