Natalia Kaczmarek’s problems after the relay final

Getty Images / Pictured: Natalia Kaczmarek


Natalia Kaczmarek’s condition felt bad after the final of the 4 x 400 meter relay, said Tomasz Skrzypczyński, a journalist from WP SportoweFakty who was present at the scene. For this reason, the Polish athlete did not appear for an interview in front of the TVP Sport cameras.

And in the final of the 4 x 400 meter relay on Wednesday during this year’s European Championships, the second change proved decisive. Unfortunately, Marika Popović-Drapala weakened noticeably in the end and the Polish actors fell in the rankings.

Natalia Kaczmarek tried to make up for everything (read more here). Despite her individual time being under 50 seconds (49.28 seconds), Biało-Czerwone finished the competition in sixth place. The Netherlands won the gold medal ahead of the Irish and Belgian.

Kaczmarek seemed to feel the chase keenly. She did not appear in front of the TVP Sport cameras for an interview.

Drezdenko’s athlete simply felt bad, said Tomas Skrzepczyński, a journalist from WP SportoweFakty, who was present on the spot. Similar to the previously mentioned Marica Popović-Drapala.

Let’s hope both athletes recover quickly. The renewal is very important because the Olympic Games in Paris will start in just a month and a half.

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