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This time, Dawud Kubacki was the highest-ranking Pole. On the other hand, Piotr Żyła's performance was fantastic. Stefan Kraft turned out to be the best in Sapporo. Ryoyu Kobayashi and Andreas Wellinger also stood on the podium.

After the weekend in the United States, the Ski Jumping World Cup moved to Japan, specifically to the city of Sapporo. During training, qualifying and a series of tests on Friday, the Poles, especially Piotr Szela and Aleksander Znieszczul, showed good results, which could herald a lot of emotions in the competition itself.

In fact, the latter performed so well that he once again struggled for senior positions. The 29-year-old was ninth after his first attempt, but was more than 11 points off the podium. Unfortunately, after a few dozen minutes his performance was very poor. Zwyszczał only landed 117 metres, dropping him to the third ten and halting his great streak of high places.

Right behind the top ten in the middle of the competition was Davut Kubacki, after achieving 122 metres. He was not far behind his compatriot, only 2.7 points behind. On the second attempt, he flew six meters and finally finished eighth this season, the highest.

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Kamil Stoch had to wait a little longer to jump into the first series. The jury decided first to raise the bar one step and then another. The 36-year-old landed 118 meters and 50 centimetres. The performance wasn't great, but it improved on the second try. And it actually happened, because he flew up to 128.5 metres, thanks to which he rose in the competition rating.

Unfortunately, Clemens Muranka, who had performed poorly in previous tests, performed poorly. This time it was an even worse jump, ending at 113 meters and not allowing me to think about progressing to the final series. What's worse, he wasn't the weakest between the Whites and the Reds, as the previously mentioned Żyła showed his terrible side. The 37-year-old only gained 107 meters and finished at the end of the pack.

The best in the competition was Stefan Kraft, who finished second after the first series, but made a brilliant second attempt and beat Ryoyu Kobayashi by 0.4 points. He was also the leader halfway through, but in the end he had to settle for second place. Andreas Wellinger was on the lowest step of the podium.

Of course, we cannot forget Noriaki Kasai, who will celebrate his 52nd birthday this year. The Ski Juice legend reached a height of 117 meters on his first attempt and achieved the impossible once again by advancing to the second series. However, she landed 104 meters and eventually finished in 30th place.

Results of Saturday's competition in Sapporo:

place competitor end distance points
1. Stefan Kraft Austria 129.0/139.0 263
2. Ryoyu Kobayashi Japan 128.5/138.5 262.6
3. Andreas Wellinger Germany 127.5/134.0 256.9
4. Manuel Vitner Austria 127.0/135.0 254.6
5. Daniel Chovenig Austria 129.5/129.5 250.1
6. Jan Hoerl Austria 121.5/133.0 243.2
7. Christopher Eriksen sandals Norway 121.0/134.5 234.2
8. David Kubacki Poland 122.0/128.0 233.8
9. Peter Brevke Slovenia 129.5/122.5 231.1
10. Junichiro Kobayashi Japan 124.0/124.5 230.3
12. Camille Stoch Poland 118.5/128.5 223.5
24. Alexander Zhnichzol Poland 123.0/117.0 203.8
41. Clemens Muranca Poland 113.0/ 79.9
45. Piotr Sela Poland 107.0/ 71

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