The series of trials for Ortner, Nichnik, and Haupdas in ten

Maximilian Ortner turned out to be the best in the test series ahead of Sunday’s FIFA Cup competition at Lugnet Hill (HS100) in Falun. The Austrian actor jumped 93 meters. Sixth place was taken by Adam Niżnik (90.5 m), and Jan Habdas (91 m) came in tenth.

In the test series, the best was Maximilian Ortner (93 m), who was 1.6 points ahead of his compatriot Markus Rubic (92 m). Third place ex aequo was taken by Justin Lisso (92.5 m) and Simen Kvarstad (93.5 m), and Jo Roemme Mellingsaeter (93.5 m) was fifth.

Adam Nesnik (90.5 m) ranked sixth, ahead of Richard Freitag (98.5 m), Giovanni Brisadola (94.5 m) and Luca Roth (90.5 m). Jean Habdas (91m) ranked 10th with Alex Ensam (94m) and Kylian Merkel (94m).

Clemens Juniac took 20th place with a score of 92.5 metres. Arkadiusz Jojko was twenty-nine (86 AD), Szymon Zapotłocz (86.5 AD) was thirty-two, and Szymon Jojko (76 AD) was forty-first (76 AD).

The pilot series was run on the seventeenth and fifteenth starting beam.

The competition starts at 2 pm.

You can follow the results “live” via the LIVE FIS report >>

Adam Bocholls, Source: Private Information

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