Bill Murray will present NFT with his stories.  Customers will get 'unique graphics' and 'short anecdote'

The well-known actor from productions such as “Lost in Translation”, “Call me Vincent”, “Groundhog Day” or “Ghostbusters” decided to use the opportunity to gain his ideas and stories. Bill Murray will sell NFT with his stories.

In recent weeks, the game industry hasn’t tried to sell more ideas to players for NFT, but it turns out that proposals for “unique content” have found their way into the movie industry. As The Hollywood Reporter editors discovered, Bill Murray decided to use fame to tell his stories.

“The Official Bill Murray NFT 1000” – Under this name, a special series of NFT products will be released, which will consist of “unique drawings” and “tales” from the actor’s life or stories he has heard and verified.

Bill Murray reportedly had difficulty finding the appropriate medium to film his adventures, and was not interested in making a documentary or writing an autobiography, so he used the latter suggestion.

THR mentioned it Murray wants to talk about professional topics (eg rejected roles), philosophical reflections or his “hobby and unusual quirks”.

What can customers count on? The story of why Murray has spent the past five years texting without the letter “M” or his love of fresh eggs.

At the moment, the price of NFT has not been confirmed, but it is worth clarifying that in this case, it is clear that customers will buy drawings with quotes, which, although they are supposed to be very unique, anyone can easily send to a friend Or share them online.

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