EVE Online and the biggest scam in game history, mentioned years later
August 10 2022, 19:29

Over sixteen months of trust building and lost friendship (?) – that’s what the scammer cost him for perhaps the most famous scam in EVE Online history.

eve online It had many memorable events that you won’t find in most MMORPGs. No, it’s not about events organized by creators, but Players’ behavior. Battles (or even war) On the scale of my being one thing, but what about great betrayals?

Of course, not all actions have to be as widespread as Doomsday in the Second Circle for it to be widely reported online. Summoned by most likely related players The most famous fraud in history eve onlineWho are the heroes? The fifth episode of the series Tales from the hard disk computer games.

EVE Online – A Risky Edition

If you’ve ever heard of eve onlineAs you probably know, “death” in this game is not just a minor inconvenience and you have to wait to get back into the game. The exploding ship means exactly what you see: the unit in question has been destroyed and there is no way to get it back.

So, fighting in eve online risky, which may discourage many players from traveling in their best ships. However, there are people for whom the potentially high price of a loss gives them an adrenaline rush to make up for potential losses.

Tikktokk Tokkzikk and his colleagues from the Amamake Police group are willing to put their main units into battle, as long as they experience “shake” (the euphoria that accompanies combat when an expensive ship is at stake). All as part of intimate PvP clashes with a small number of fighters in perhaps the most dangerous area in space eve online.

Chremoas: a legendary and deadly frigate

Years ago, Tikktokk Tokkzikk became popular for a simple reason. Several months later, the Chremoas frigate, equipped with a camouflage system, was captured by the pilotwhich was the prize for the eleventh edition of the Alliance Championship – PvP Championship in eve online.

The AT Championship prizes are invaluable. Their value exceeds the cost of the Titans, the largest of the ships in the game, mainly due to their uniqueness (there were only 50 Chremoas in the entire game and it is estimated that there were only a dozen left over the years), but their combat potential also contributes to the price.

For the average player, this acquisition will be the jewel of the collection – and the last ship they’ll take with them off base. Yet don’t tuktuk tukzik – His Chremoas are decorated with more than 400 signs symbolizing destroyed enemy units (the so-called kill signs). That number is ridiculous, not to mention throwing an AT into battle. This is what made the pilot proud.

Of course, fame attracts not only fans, but also people who want to borrow “trinkets” from celebrities. That’s why elite pilots eve online They often display a semi-paranoid warning not to give scammers the opportunity to steal heavily captured ships. Which, as the history of Tikktokk Tokkzikka shows, is sometimes inadequate.

very sick cheater

The legendary Chremoas and other priceless ships captured at AT attracted the attention of the pilot who, after the fact, described the event in reddit. In short, the player with the nickname Samantha Myth (real account: c-3-po) was keen on these ships and showed great patience.

Biggest MMO Scam Through the Eyes of the Executioner and the Victim, Story Finale in Years - Illustration #1

Samantha Myth/c-3-po faced a huge challenge: cheating and robbery for the top PvP players

The pilot took over sixteen months to steal. With no experience in PvP yet, the player tried to attract the attention of the Amamake Police gang without arousing suspicion. After an unfortunate encounter with Tikktokk Tokkzikk, Samantha Myth helped one of the group’s pilots fight against rivals the following week, earning him an invitation to join the group. In addition, he flaunted his “nuggets”.

A month later, he became a trusted member of a gang thanks to an act in which the enemy ship AT was destroyed. However, it has not yet descended.

Good Habit – Don’t Borrow

Although the pilots of the Amaake police believed each other unreservedly, this trust ended with the borrowing of ships. Yes, there was such a practice – the only condition was to leave your ship as a pledge. As a reminder: We’re talking about AT units, as the Titan seems to be a modest investment.

Samantha Myth decided to change these habits. First, “save” for months (read: spend ISK 90 billion from a previous scam; via computer games) on the Whiptail – the worst (and therefore the cheapest) ship he could find. During this time, he also flew with, among others Tikktokk Tokkzikkiem, gradually gaining his trust.

Then he did something that every player did eve online He thought in unforgivable stupidity: He borrowed his Whiptail without any concession to one of his “allies”. After all, this risky move turned out to be a flash of genius. The practice quickly spread among Amamake police players, and during this time the legend became Tikktokk Tokkzikka’s closest friends.

I stole the cream and sold it

When Samantha Myth finally decided it was time for the grand end, Tikktokk Tokkzikk repeatedly borrowed their AT ships from other players without any franchise. Therefore, the pilot agreed to temporarily hand Chremoas to his fellow gangster, only joking that Myth would not lose his treasure.

It’s easy to imagine Tikktokk’s reaction when another member of the Amamake Police threw him a chat thread on reddit where c-3-po bragged about stealing a priceless ship. However, paradoxically, it was not the loss of Chremoas that hurt him the most, but the disappointment associated with the loss of a “friend” with whom he spent several months “manipulating” in the virtual universe. This is also what he wrote in response to the topic of legend in reddit.

Of course, the player wanted his ship back. Not the same ship, but exactly your own, with 400 badges for destroyed units. However, when c-3-po put it up for sale on the game’s official forum, it backed even one of its most trusted players eve online It was not enough to beat the offers of other interested buyers.

Friendship = best ship?

Otherwise, the story will end there: Tikktokk will lose its treasure and possibly give it up eve online. True, such thoughts ran through the player’s mind after the auction ended, but his attitude was met with an unexpected reaction.

As mentioned earlier, eve online This is not a title where players stick together. Betrayal and deception are bread and butter, and fans are more likely to shame a gullible victim than a clever crook. But The Chremoas Incident divided the game community. Many players are affected The pilot’s responseand a few praises for the wit and – you have to admit – the well-executed plan c-3-po sank into a sea of ​​comments, whose authors sided with the already legendary TikkTokk.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the pilots kept in touch with each other. You may understand this in the case of TikkTokka, but in response to it Samantha Myth sent a “friend” 120 billion ISK – the equivalent of the Chremoas market price at the time. As he explains in a new interview, he cared less about money — more about showing what he was capable of.


TikkTokk Chremoas recovered as buyer offered him a trade-in for a “regular” ship, purchased through a community auction fundraiser (via reddit) and remains in his possession. No, the pilot in no way put it in a locker or safe or buried it in a deserted place. The ship already has over 600 dead people (via computer games) Perhaps the pilot intends to add more to his collection.

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