January 30, 2023


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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal and then... a hit.  Opponent fans injured [WIDEO] football

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal and then… a hit. Opponent fans injured [WIDEO] football

in the last days Manchester United It only plays in the European League, as the Premier League has been suspended due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. A week ago, the English club lost to Real Sociedad 0:1, now counting on a breakthrough in rivalry with the Sheriff of Tiraspol. The match was held in Chisinau, because since Russia attacked Ukraine, UEFA did not agree to play the European Cup matches in Nadniters, where Tiraspol is located.

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The great comeback of Cristiano Ronaldo. “Couldn’t have wished for it better”

Cristiano Ronaldo with the first goal this season. The great reaction from the stands in Chisinau

Cristiano is in the Manchester United starting line-up RonaldoWho hasn’t spent several minutes on the field yet. That was not a good omen for his team, as this season the Portuguese was knocked out of the main squad three times and his team left the field three times and lost. In addition, the 37-year-old could not beat the opponents’ goalkeeper.

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Jadon Sancho opened the result of the competition with the Moldovan champions in the 17th minute. After a few dozen minutes, one of Sherif Diogo Dalot’s players missed in the penalty area. The referee gave a penalty kick that Ronaldo approached.

The Portuguese beat the goalkeeper with a powerful shot in the middle of the goal. After a while, he performed his iconic celebration and could count on the support of the entire stadium. The striker found out what the “Cristiano Effect” means. The 37-year-old’s characteristic joy resounded in the stands.

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The whole stadium celebrated it Cristiano Ronaldo After he scored a penalty kick – it was written.

Manchester United defeated Sharif Tiraspol. Another competitor to Manchester City

In the end the match ended with a score of 2-0 for the English, which moved them to second place in the European League Group E table. In the parallel match, Real Sociedad defeated Omonia Nicosia 2-1.

As the next round of the Premier League has been postponed, the next Manchester United match will take place after a break for the national team matches. On Sunday, October 2, Eric Ten Haga’s players will play against Manchester City.