Earth is not only subject to internal processes!  An amazing relationship has been discovered with the motion of our galaxy

Many meteorite bombardments have occurred in the geological history of the Earth. They appeared fairly regularly, but always had a great influence not only on life, but also on the formation of the Earth’s crust.

Australian researchers examined zirconium grains to look at the isotopic history of the element hafnium (Hf). The samples came from two representative pre-Cambrian sites Craton Belbar And the North Atlantic. Describe the results on the pages geology.

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Earth is under intense bombardment from space. Researchers have reported the frequency of the phenomena

They found that isotopes of the element under study appear rhythmically every 170-200 million years. Scientists have been searching for answers as to why this is so. They accepted the conclusion that this Regularity due to space explosions High intensity occurred during the passage of the Solar System through the arms of the Milky Way.

In the initial stage of the formation of our planet, external processes, the fall of meteorites and comets probably had a significant share. Materials derived from it can enrich the composition of the continental crust and land cover.

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The researchers performed model tests using the oxygen isotopes of zirconium in the Pilbar craton. Note Correlations in isotopic compositions between the departure of the Solar System from the Perseus arm and the transition to the next arm of the Coal Hill.

zircon Very valuable sources of information about the evolution of the Earth in its early stages. It contains a lot of rare earth elements that can be studied. More than once, they will give us many answers to questions about how our planet was formed, how the first continents were formed and how the first forms of life were created.

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