Ashfall in the first game.  Controversial "AAA Next Generation Game" from the creators of The Last of Us and Days Gone

Sony has not officially decided to create games related to NFT, but new technology and profit opportunities are tempting more developers. In June, former PlayStation employees officially revealed their studio, and today we can check out the gameplay from Ashfall.

Ashfall is the studio’s first production, founded by Michael Mombauer (he was the Head of Visual Arts Services Group – PlayStation Division for 13 years) and John Garvin (former Creative Director and Screenwriter of Bend Studio).

In June, the developers revealed their team, which, however, has been working on the first game for several months – The developers are ready for a bigger view of the situation and in this case we will be playing a third-person MMORPG.

Production on the day of the announcement caused negative emotions, because Ashfall is a full-fledged item from the AAA division, which, however, uses NFT assumptions – players will be able to find “exclusive” items during the mission and the community will be able to trade them.

Ashfall, according to the information, is a “truly next generation” production, which uses “new technologies that enable user-generated content to be created,” but even then, the title won’t run out of “lovable characters, engaging stories, and cutting-edge gameplay.”

In the presented material you will see a lot of parts from Ashfall – the placement looks like a typical shooter, which, however, will be distinguished by the application of NFT.

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