This was Paulo Coelho who tweeted.  Angry fans.  It's about Russia - o2

Paulo Coelho is one of the most famous contemporary writers. His novels have been on bestseller lists for years. Coelho has earned millions of fans around the world with his work, although there are also detractors. After his last words, the last group could definitely grow.

Paulo Coelho fell in love with the fans

The author of headlines like “Alchemik,” “11 minutes,” or “Weronika decides to die,” posted a controversial Twitter post on Friday. The writer had to realize the fact that because of his popularity he could have a great influence in shaping the opinions of his “mass base”. His Twitter account has 15.4 million followers.

Paulo Coelho wrote in a tweet on Twitter that the crisis in Ukraine is a suitable excuse for Russiaphobia.

There was a heated discussion about the publication. Entry already more than 3 thousand. From the comments, the number continues to grow. The writer, who probably saw that many people did not like his words, decided to clarify his thought a little.

I visited Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta and Chernobyl (Ukraine) I traveled 10,000 km by train from Moscow to Vladivostok (Russia) Yes, there is war: but do not blame ordinary people – Coelho added in a comment under his post.

But the fans did not allow themselves to calm down. In the comments there were accusations of supporting the Russian invasion.

Sure, Paulo told me, what is it like to support the invasion and war crimes in Russia? asked an Internet user.

And another person added, I see no reason to listen to the words of someone who calls this bloody, cruel and brutal war where there are no rules and more Ukrainian civilians are killed than soldiers – a “crisis.”

Please, instead of lying, go to Mariupol and tell this woman about “rosophobia” – someone else commented, posting a photo of a pregnant Ukrainian woman who miraculously survived the Russian bombing of a maternity hospital.

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