“Shazam!  Wrath of the Gods”: It’s bad… even (especially) on Imax

For 130 minutes, Zachary Levi, Rachel Zegler, Lucy Liu, Djimon Hounsou, and Helen Mirren are agitated in all directions without anyone knowing why.

This time, Billy Batson, a superhero version of Zachary Levy, and his adopted superhero siblings must fight against the daughters of Atlas, Anthea (Rachel Zegler, playing a very badass), Calypso (Lucy Liu), and Hespera (Helen Mirren). To reclaim their father’s scepter and destroy Philadelphia.

Co-written by Henry Gayden and Chris Morgan and directed by David F. Directed by Sandberg – the same trio as the first work released in 2019 – this “Shazam! Wrath of the Gods » furiously resembles a remix of scenes already seen in countless films or series of the same genre. The bridge, apparently over a river, is in danger of collapsing: Done! Dying families: Done! Exploding Bitumen: Completed! Cars Sinking into Water: Completed! People Turned into Idols: Completed! Evil Dragon: Completed! Superheroes to the Rescue: Overrated!

Some elements sometimes make you think of “Morpheus” – that says it all – these amazing creatures (again and always) are already seen with bloodlust, we breathe “Superman” notes in the air with the plans of Shazam, we evoke the shadow. Spider-Man” floats around teenage love, and the faint scent of Disney, stronger than anything else, with a message of family love. Absolutely!

And, and it’s “Shazam! “The Rage of the Gods” – if there is a small film – the production budget is “only” 100 million US dollars. Unfortunately, the giant screen of the IMAX theater has no shortage, sometimes rough special effects (cars falling into the water, the dome above Philadelphia or harpies, especially ) quickly obtain the dimensions of catastrophic errors.130 min.

This is not necessary “Shajam! Wrath of the Gods”? Yes. Is it annoying? Still yes. Because despite a nice short moment (awesome unicorns, connected by Skittles… of course we can imagine a juicy production space), this movie is not aimed at the audience: adults will be at their expense, small children will be scared. And teenagers will find this program very cute. No doubt, it’s high time the DC universe got a makeover. once again.

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