ŁKS will pay Fritz’s fee, but has few Cossacks [PLUSY I MINUSY]

After defeating ŁKS with Legia, hasty conclusions should not be drawn. What is fun and what to worry about?

ŁKS lost at the opening of the league. Many fans and critics say this defeat is calculated. You can tell them right. The residents of Wooggia took on Legia, who hadn’t lost at home since April 2022. Not everything in the debutant’s game was bad. Although the score 0: 3 does not look good (only one team lost this round as much), there are things that give hope that it will be good before the next matches.

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What makes you happy after the ŁKS match?

There is something to build on.

ŁKS captain Adam Marciniak spoke about it.

“I think we tried to play bravely. There were seeds for action, although dry statistics don’t say that for sure. I’ve played weaker matches here and it shows that if we play against a weaker opponent who won’t aspire to the Polish championship, we’ll be able to fight for three points. I’m sure of that.” – summed up the captain of the ŁKS.

And really. This year, ŁKS will play against a team in the same category two more times. Lech Pozna and Raków Częstochowa (although ŁKS never lost against the Polish champions at central level) seemed to be out of reach for the people of Łódź in terms of personnel. Other teams do not have Bartosz Sleich and Jozoy, one of the best, if not the best midfielders in the league, and Thomas Beckhardt, who will fight for the title of top scorer in the championship.

LKS hasn’t made stupid mistakes.

Before the start of the Games, the masochists repackaged the goals lost by Łódź players during their previous stay in the elite. Passing under your feet, losing the ball into your own penalty area. Well, Dani Ramirez hit the ball in midfield, and Slisz took the ball and scored on the counter-attack, but in other situations, you can see that the defense isn’t as comfortable as it was four years ago. Mistakes resulted from a lack of experience rather than applying an impossible philosophy.

Dani Ramirez and Alexandre Bobic are two shoes.

Panic ensued as the announcer on Łazienkowska Street read out the teams’ lineups. Ramirez, who took three weeks off before, will go to Legia? You can see that the Spaniard is not yet in perfect physical condition, but the passes to Kai Tiegan and Bartosz Zeliga, which cleared the way in front of goal, showed that El Mago had lost none of its charm. Also, unusually, he started getting back on defense.

Aleksandar Bobek has a streak of two consecutive penalty kicks. They both weigh a lot. With Arka, you’ve given the people of Lodz an upgrade. With Legia, in his first appearance in the national elite, before shaving. How well he performed is evidenced by the fact that despite the 0:3 defeat, he was selected for the Tour teams by most sports editors.

What worries after the ŁKS match?

ŁKS will pay the fee.

ŁKS returns to Ekstraklasa. For nine players who have played for Legia, this was a first appearance in the national elite. There is someone to build on, because the leaders in each formation have proven that they can carry the load of the game, but the opponents will still score a lot of points, taking advantage of the inexperience of the Łódź players.

Pirolo disappeared in a match against a strong opponent.

Pirulo has worked hard for the past three years on the memorial at al. union. Break all records and win prizes. We believed and still believe that this will be a different and better approach to the Ekstraklasa than before, but in the match against Legia … weak. Let it be nothing but painful discontent with the national elite.

Kazimierz Moskal is still looking for a balance in assists

Ramirez and Michał Mokrzycki should play and that’s it. The first gives the most attack, the second to defense. The problem is the third midfielder, who combines offense and defense. Earlier, Eka residents had Michał Trąbka, who was perfect for the role. Engjell Hoti had such assignments with Legia. There will still be time for ratings, because the meeting with the Polish runners-up is unreliable, but the Kosoyan, for the time being, is probably a bit lost in the Elkaesian system of play. Jakub Letnovsky and Misko Lorenc are already on the waiting list, who played no worse than Hoti at Legia. In the reserves, Jan Schabidzki is waiting for an opportunity.

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