Penalties.  Vladimir Putin has allowed exceptions to the sanctions regime against Ukraine

He ordered Vladimir Putin to “hand over power to the Russian government Powers to issue temporary permits not to apply special economic measures“- says the decree signed by the President of the Republic and which quotes” Kommersant “.

The Kremlin allows exemptions from sanctions against Ukraine

It is about the package of sanctions imposed on Ukraine from October 22, 2018. It was then that the Russians began to put Ukrainian citizens and economic entities from this country on the economic “black list”.

Still In November 2018, 322 names and 68 companies were listed. Since then, the list of sanctions has been updated several times, including officials, parliamentarians, businessmen, journalists and public figures. The list includes, among others: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba – reminds “Kommersant”.

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Currently, more than 900 Ukrainians and 80 companies are on the sanctions list. The regulations allow, among other things, people to freeze their bank accounts or property in Russia.

The regulations take effect immediately

The Kremlin has left no legislative vacuum. The decree enters into force on the day Vladimir Putin signs itWhich is Thursday, April 27th.

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