We don't have to fight aging

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Joanna Koronioska Recently Share her thoughts on gray hair. She admitted that she had already read various comments about herself on the Internet, but did not intend to succumb to anyone’s pressure and cover them up. This time, I decided to settle the offensive opinions of netizens about wrinkles.

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Joanna Koronjoska on motherhood and marriage with Maciej Dubor

Joanna Koronioska has revealed the abusive comments she gets about her looks

Joanna Koronioska He posts regularly on Instagram in the spirit of “self-love”. The actress admits that at the age of 43 she accepts her figure and does not intend to succumb to the unhealthy pressures of society. She featured the offensive comments she had read about herself on Instagram. Netizens write to her without any embarrassment that she has a “grandmother’s face”. In response to these words, the star shared a photo with fans without her makijaw She wrote that others may not deal with hate.

After graying, it’s time to remove wrinkles. Almost every day I get information from “good” people that I am not the youngest. I can stand it but is it the same for everyone?! Why, without the slightest embarrassment, allow ourselves to insult others, like offend – the actress began.

Later in this post, Joanna Koroniuska quotes Jane Fonda’s words about wrinkles and points out that not everyone has to fight the signs of the passage of time. She added that everyone should live in harmony with themselves.

Jane Fonda once said that she didn’t want her wrinkles to fade because she didn’t want to look like everyone else. Of course, if we want, we can try to fight aging, but we don’t have to. Let everyone do what they like. And how good it is. Live and let live – she added.

Przetakiewicz is 54 years old. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been pleased with my femininity”

It is difficult to disagree with the words of the actress. Joanna Koronioska, as well joanna obuzda He decided to fight hate and publish the profiles of people who wrote offensive messages.

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