Cztery manifestacje przeciwników paszportów covidowych zgromadziły w sobotę w Paryżu około 7 tys. osób. W innych miastach Francji protestowało w sumie około 47 tys. osób - szacuje tamtejsze MSW. Na ulicach niemieckich miast demonstrowały tysiące koronasceptyków. Odbyły się także kontrdemonstracje. Również w Wiedniu tysiące osób protestowało przeciwko planowanemu wprowadzeniu  obowiązkowych szczepień na Covid-19. W przyszłym tygodniu austriacki parlament ma głosować w tej sprawie. Szczepienia mają być obowiązkowe od lutego.

Four demonstrations of Covid passport opponents gathered around 7,000 in Paris on Saturday. People. In other cities in France, a total of about 47,000 protested. People – estimates of the local Ministry of the Interior. Thousands of crown skeptics demonstrated in the streets of German cities. There were also counter-demonstrations. Also in Vienna, thousands of people protested against the planned introduction of compulsory vaccination against Covid-19. The Austrian parliament is scheduled to vote next week. Vaccinations should be mandatory from February.

“Bravo to Djokovic”, “freedom”, “not for a vaccine” – passport opponents shouted at Trocadero Square in Warsaw, where demonstrators brought many French and regional flags, including. Corsican and Breton.

Some of the protesters claimed that they belonged to right-wing movements. Most of the banners have been uploaded Hostility to the government’s policy towards the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s not the virus they want to control, but you,” “Democracy is in danger,” “a toxic vaccine” — you can read on the signs.

It’s Nazism, apartheid, I am not a restaurant and I am generally against vaccinations – Claire, 60, said, quoted by Agence France-Presse, rudely denounced the “corrupt system” and “effective media.”

The other protesters, Lawrence and Anne Sophie, waved a banner that read “Crazy Moms.”

We have been vaccinated, but we are protesting because we are against adolescent health passports Emphasis on women, as cited by AFP.

Novak Djokovic is a bit of our idol said Pascal, who protested vaccinations in Bordeaux. The man posed with a group of parents of children enrolled in a tennis school who would like to support the coach. He lost his job because he didn’t want to be vaccinated.

I’m against laws that have become too harsh Social worker Rohan, 28, explained to the media during a demonstration in Lille.

I don’t question the fact that there is a disease, but these are healthy excuses to divide and isolate people said Celine, 47, who was demonstrating in Toulouse.

According to the police or the prefectures, 1,300 people demonstrated in Lyon on Saturday, 1,140 in Nantes, 1,000 in Bordeaux, 950 in Rennes, 750 in Marseille and 650 in Clermont-Ferrand. During the demonstration, the police arrested four people.

On Sunday, the French Senate is set to re-discuss a law converting existing health passports into vaccine passports, which will no longer contain PCR or antigen test results for entry into public places and long-distance transportation.

About 0.5 million French people lose their passports because they did not take the third dose of the Corona virus vaccine.

The authorities are considering shortening the validity of passports to four months after the next doses of vaccines.

According to the police, about 6,000 people walked around the city center of Freiburg. Opponents of the current policy to combat the Corona virus. Before that, about 2,500 people gathered in the center for an anti- ل demonstration To oppose, among other things, conspiracy theories and downplay the COVID-19 pandemic – Report to ARD TV.

More than 7,000 opponents of compulsory vaccination gather in the center of Düsseldorf.

In Hamburg, about 2,900 people took part in a protest march against coronavirus skeptics under the slogan “Solidarity and enlightenment rather than conspiracy theories”.

The Hamburg Alliance Against the Right, with the support of more than 100 organizations and groups, called for participation in the event, which included posters with slogans such as “Inseminate rather than slander.” The demonstration attracted more attention than expected. 1,000 participants were originally registered.

A demonstration was banned by forensic skeptics in Hamburg, but protesters nonetheless gathered in front of the Kunsthalle and in the surrounding streets. Police said about 3,000. Participants. There was one clash with the police – DPA reported.

Protests against government measures during the Covid-19 pandemic have also erupted in several cities in Lower Saxony. According to police estimates in Osnabrück, about 1,500 people participated in the demonstration.

About 1,000 people protested in Munich. About 1,900 Crown skeptics gathered in Fuerth.

In November last year, the Austrian government Announcing a fourth nationwide closure He announced that he wanted to present Compulsory vaccinations against corona virus. As Reuters points out, if this happens, Austria will be the first EU country to decide on such a solution.

“The government to resign!” – Demonstrators chanted on Saturday who gather in central Vienna every week.

According to the weekly “Profile” newspaper, 51 percent. Austrians do not want vaccination against Covid-19 to be compulsory from February. 45 percent is of the opposite opinion.

According to data from the US Johns Hopkins University, by Friday in Austria, at least one dose of the preparation had been taken against Covid-19 at a rate of 74.9 percent. Of the population, 74.3% received the full vaccination and 45.6% received a booster dose. country population.

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