Russia.  The Mi-8 helicopter caught fire in the hangar

The accident happened in the town Strezhevoy in the Tomsk region On the Ob River in central Russia. According to the telegram Aviaincident, it happened on the landing field near the city hangar fire, Where are the Russian helicopters stationed. The fire devoured one of the machines. Mi-8 helicopter.

The channel said he was at the event No one was killed. The destroyed Soviet-made helicopter is still in production. Starting in the sixties. unknown How old was the copy? that burned in the fire.

Recently it comes Many accidents related to Russian aviation.

on Sunday in Irkutsk multi-role aircraft su 30, which, according to official information, was on a test flight, It collapsed on a two-story house. Two pilots died. According to the authorities, civilians did not suffer from this disaster. According to preliminary results, the pilots were poison yourself with nitric oxide residues, Who was in their gas cylinders.

On October 17, in a launcher crash Su-34, that hit an eight-storey apartment building in the city yes, In southwestern Russia, 15 people were killed. The pilot jumped at the right moment and survived the blow.

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