PUBG: Switching to F2P may not have been a point of interest
January 15 2022, 20:36

PUBG’s transition to the free distribution model was not as successful as expected. Furthermore, people who previously purchased the game on Steam blame PUBG Studios for spending money needlessly.


  • Free ?? PUBG: Battlegrounds It has increased the popularity of the game among Steam users, but it is far from the popularity of 2018;
  • Moving production to a free distribution model did not change its hybrid approach. reviews on the Valve platform;
  • In many negative reviews, players express their dissatisfaction with it when ?? They paid for the address and demanded a refund.

According to the information og³oszon¹ Na Gali Game Awards 2021, on PUBG: Battlegrounds Passed successfully Last Tuesday on the free distribution form. Free ?? æ?? It supposed to be The result of an independent decision of the creators, and not derived from the successes of the royal competition for production?? Apparently, it did not turn out to be attractive enough for Steam players. Although the title has been tried by a new audience, it is difficult to speak of an extravagant interest. What is more than some old?? Fans are not satisfied with the production for which? They paid, it became free for everyone.

Switching from PUBG to F2P may not have been a bull's-eye - Illustration #1

Source: SteamDB.

It’s hard to say what PUBG Studios was hoping for, but instead for a bigger hill?? Who is shown above graph to the right. It reflects, of course, the number of people playing simultaneously pubg On Steam in recent days. As you see This value almost doubled compared to the state at the end of December last year?? About 350 thousand to approximately 700 thousand It is quite a lot, but after free production one can expect more; Perhaps not the results of more than 3.2 million players, which were recorded in 2018, but more.

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However, interest may increase over time. However, ratings seem to be more important on SteamWhich basically hasn’t changed?? It remains mixed, and the percentage of positive reviews among recent entries (56%) is only one percentage point higher than the total (55%). Interestingly, there is no point in looking for praise in the content of new opinions. The authors of most of them limited themselves to the phrases: “jet”, “big”, “fair price for free”. Among the more substantial comments, you can choose this:

Switching from PUBG to F2P may not have been a bull's-eye - Illustration #2

?? Source: Steam?? Have a snack (

So why the mixed reviews? Seems that pretty much does this work? current fans pubgNot satisfied when they paid?? For the game, the game has now moved to the free distribution model. Several of them voiced their opposition to PUBG Studios’ decision with a negative review demanding a refund. is not it ??bombing review?? as much as Event Recently ?? Also for free?? Jinshin effectBut in both cases the common points can be found. You will find some examples below.

Switching from PUBG to F2P may not have been an attraction - Illustration #3

?? Source: Steam?? bL! NE (

Switching from PUBG to F2P may not have been a bull's-eye - Illustration #4

?? Source: Steam?? Gaps (

Switching from PUBG to F2P may not have been a bull's-eye - Illustration #5

?? ród³o: Steam ?? Zane (

Switching PUBG to F2P may not have been of interest - Illustration 6

?? ród³o: Steam ?? ; oooooooooo (

So it can be said that pubg It had its moment of glory, and the bounty translated little into the reception of productions that had been on the market for several years. Of course it doesn’t bother her To be One of the most played items on Steam. At the time of writing, it was enjoyed by over 360,000 people. People ?? This is the third result on the Valve platform that they have surpassed only CS: GO (about 813 thousand) i Dota 2 (about 668 thousand). More than one developer can only dream of these numbers.

Switching PUBG to F2P may not have been a point of interest - Illustration #7

Source: SteamDB.

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