Christmas 2023. Expected holiday expenses for Poles.  What has become more expensive?

Christmas 2023 will be expensive. What will Poles spend the most money on?

According to the report “Polish Christmas Wallet 2023” Prepared by the Polish Banking Association, the bulk of the Christmas budget will be spent on grocery shopping related to holiday preparation. We want to spend a little less money on gifts, and travel costs should also be added to the bill. The exact amounts included in the report are as follows:

  • 607 Polish złoty – Grocery and holiday organization;
  • 565 Polish zloty – gifts;
  • 318 Polish zloty – Travel.

Compared to the previous year, the decrease in expected expenses concerns only the last category, which is likely related to a slight decrease in prices at gas stations. This year we will spend about PLN on holiday preparations Yes. 4 actions. Moreover, the pool allocated to gifts has increased by 13 Brook. You should also remember that the above calculations are the average amount “per person”. The study authors estimate that in the case of a family of four Christmas 2023 will cost about 3,700 PLN.

The increase in expected expenses goes hand in hand with less stringent savings plans for December. A year ago, 73% of people thought about cutting back on Christmas shopping. Of the participants in the current study, this percentage decreased by nine percentage points.

Christmas 2023. How do Poles finance Christmas expenses?

As indicated by the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics contained in the relevant report 49 percent of Poles believe that their financial situation has not changed in the past 12 months. 14 percent report slight improvement, 3% are in much better condition. Citizens. 34% rated their current situation as slightly worse or much worse. Columns. Despite this, the vast majority of us plan to cover Christmas expenses from our current income.

We asked Poles how they finance Christmas expenses, and for the vast majority – 86%, as in previous years, the source of financing will be current income. The proportion of people who said they would fund Christmas expenses from savings fell slightly. At the same time, by 30 percent the current income of respondents will not be enough to fully cover all expenses related to organizing holidays. They assume that to fulfill their Christmas plans, they will have to use their accumulated savings or take out a loan.

~ Dr. Przemysław Barberich, Director of the Communications and Public Relations Team of the Polish Banking Association, summarized.

Interestingly, those who plan to register before Christmas For example, they plan to fund something more than just Christmas Eve dinner and presents under the Christmas tree – at least that’s what survey respondents think. In their opinion, the most popular loans in this period are those whose value exceeds PLN 6,000. Zloty.

Christmas 2023. Christmas Basket Value. Expectations and reality

This year Poles plan to spend 1,490 PLN, while last year it was almost the same amount (1,427 PLN).. As always, the delicate balance will result from decisions made in individual homes. However, the statistics, which are likely to appear at the beginning of next year, may show a much lower estimate of the planned expenditures described above.

This will be affected by the prices of individual products, without which it is difficult to imagine Polish holidays. One of them is undoubtedly carp – the price comparison, which is also included in the report, is amazing.

According to the ZBP website In 2022, a kilogram of carp flakes with skin will cost PLN 49. In 2023, it will reach PLN 80 per kilogram. However, this price seems a bit excessive – a quick review of current offers in supermarkets shows that carp fillets can be bought during the promotion for PLN 40 (PLN 55 before the promotion). However, again, you must remember that we are talking about statistics – there is no doubt that you can find carp at a price much lower or much higher than expected.

Compared to last year The prices of Christmas trees, lights and ornaments have also risen, but the steepest increases are in grocery prices. It is difficult to find a product that has become cheaper in the rating – prices remain at a similar level in the confectionery segment (although this does not apply to gingerbread, the price of which has increased by almost 25%).

We will pay more for most fruits, eggs, bread, cheese and cold cuts. Vegetables and non-alcoholic drinks have also become more expensive. The authors also draw attention to the service sector – compared to 2022, we will pay much more for a visit to the hairdresser before Christmas.

The list also includes some exceptions to the unpleasant progressive rule. The following will cost less:

  • salted fish – PLN 30 per kilogram, compared to PLN 35 per kilogram in 2022;
  • Lemon – PLN 6 per kilogram compared to PLN 9.50 per kilogram in 2022.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to expand this list with additional items. It is worth adding that Christmas catering offers remain at a similar level compared to last year. Only main dishes (mainly carp) have noticeably increased in price in delicatessen, but borsch, dumplings, dumplings, pies as well as cakes (poppy seed cake) cost the same or a little more.

Kwiatkowski in “Gravity” about the National Judicial Council: Bodnar told the judges that they were elected illegally/Polsat News/Polsat News

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