USA box office: “Civil War” breaks records
A24's most expensive production met the studio's expectations. “Civil War” took first place, breaking A24's opening record. However, time will tell if this will be enough for the film to be a hit at the box office.

The “Civil War” budget is estimated at $50 million. Meanwhile, the film opened with half that amount, $25.7 million to be exact. That's a lot. That was enough to take first place. However, the film was not liked by everyone everywhere, and only… BW CinemaScore. This could mean a big drop next week.

2024 films with revenues of more than $100 million

This wasn't the only new title in the top ten. Inspired by a true story, it debuted at number eight “The long game” – A film about Mexican immigrants who fought for a Texas golf championship against a team of privileged, wealthy whites. The film earned $1.4 million.

Returning to cinemas achieved almost the same result “Shrek 2”. This is something worth bragging about for Universal, as Disney's recently updated releases haven't even made the top ten.

Above is a recording of a BTS member's solo concert “Suga | August: D-Day Tour – The Movie”. The film opened with $2.2 million.

US box office April 12-14

# Title He made money over the weekend earned in total A week on screen deep
1 Civil war USD 22.81* $25.71 1 3838
2 Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire $15.45 $157.93 3 3847
3 Ghostbusters: Ice Empire $5.8 $96.97 4 3350
4 Kung Fu Panda 4 $5.5 $173.69 6 3104
5 Sand Dunes: Part Two $4.32 $272.1 7 2401
6 Monkey man $4.1 $17.77 2 3037
7 Omen: The beginning $3.78 $14.64 2 3375
8 Suga|August: D-Day Tour – The Movie $2.2 $2.2 1 787
9 The long game $1.38 $1.39 1 ten thirty
10 Partner 2 $1.35 $442.78 1039 1512

* Opening result from the same weekend

Next week, American distributors have prepared several premieres. The creators of “Scream VI” are back with a horror film about vampires “Abigail”. Guy Ritchie has another war movie with an impressive cast – “Ministry of Brutal War”. Anime fans will be able to watch last year's production “Spy x Family Code: White”.

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